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, 22.09.2013
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Upholstered furniture, complete sets

The complete set "Kornish"

3 local sofa, 2 armchairs and puf. A natural leather. Manufacture Italy.
Materials: a skeleton: a beech; a upholstery: a natural leather of a class lux! A design bureau - Pinifarina. It is made at factory Nieri. Double system of softness and comfort.
The sizes:
Sofa: 23210590 sm
Armchair: 11710590 sm
Puf: 606940 see
To buy for 221524 rub

Upholstered furniture, leather sofas

Sofa 2 local «Carlotta»

Classical style Chesterfield faultless taste and fidelity to traditions. Natural materials and manual manufacturing provide unique durability.
Materials: a natural leather. Stuffing: a goose feather. Color: black, manual work.
The sizes:
Sofa 2-seater 170x88xh73;
Sofa 3-seater 220x88xh73;
Armchair 107x88xh73
To buy for 69938 rub

Upholstered furniture, complete sets

The complete set "Orchid"

3 local sofa and 2 armchairs. A natural leather. Manufacture Italy. Well-known factory Alberto Nieri.
Materials: a skeleton: a beech (drying of 3-7 years), a upholstery: a natural leather.
The sizes:
Sofa: 22010090 sm
Armchair: 11010090 sm
To buy for 149090 rub

Upholstered furniture, complete sets

The complete set "Kaliya"

3 local sofas, 2,5 sofa, 2 local sofa, armchair and puf.
Materials: the basis metal legs; a skeleton a wooden file, napolnitel ecological penopoliuretan various density on pillows of a seat and a back, covered by a cover from 100 % dakrona in the form of synthetic down. Amortiziruyushchaya system elastic belts. A upholstery a natural leather of beige color.
The sizes:
Height of a back: 81
Height of an armrest: 55
Height of a seat: 45 sm
Height of legs: 13
Depth of a sofa: 94 sm
Length of a sofa: 2 local 172
2,5 local 202
3 local 232
Armchair 112
puf 97
To buy for 201928 rub

Upholstered furniture, complete sets for rest

Komplet for rest «RIBBON-3»

It is completed from materials of collection RIBBON. A sofa, two armchairs, padded stools, a little table. Ideal furniture for a country house.
Color: amber.
To buy for 109184 rub
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