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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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super the Action - the Furniture site of all for 99 $

Attention!!! The association of development wood and derevoobrabatyvayushchej the industries of the Russian Federation, in assistance with a number of leading information thematic resources of a network the Internet, at participation a hosting-provider of company Xoctmakc, declares start of the project on development of the interactive furniture market in Russia.

The main obstacle for development of this branch is high cost of manufacturing the Internet-sites and the Internet-shops. Many furniture companies do not presume to invest in the the Internet-representation of hundred, and even thousand dollars, and the main thing there is no guarantee, that the result will correspond to expectations.

Owing to the agreements reached by participants of the project, for each furniture firm, wishing to open or update the Internet-project, can be created vysokofunktsionalnyj a site of all for 99 $
Created sites will be equipped by the system of administration allowing the owner, without any knowledge programirovaniya, it is easy to operate any sections and pages of a site, to change any information, to add the goods, to create unlimited kolichesvo pages, to change design itd itp.

Following sections will be accessible to visitors on the created site:
- The Internet shop
- The guest book
- Bulletin board
- Forum
- The information on novelties, the special offers, the popular goods
- News of the company
- Contacts
- System of banner exchange
- Statistics of attendance

Right after manufacturing and testing, the initial advertising company will be lead:
- Connection to leading ratings in the Internet
- Registration in search systems and thematic catalogues
- Accommodation of the information in bulletin boards (more than 3000 boards)
- Connection to systems of an exchange of references and banneroobmennym to networks
- Advertising on furniture portals, participants of the project

Before to order a site, it will be necessary for you to choose for it a domain name. The domain name is an address of your site. Be close at a choice, often enough the domain name defines the further development in the Internet. Try to choose a short and sonorous name.
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