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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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5 country ideas of this summer.

1. "air" besedka. Around pletenogo a sofa with matrasikom four are attached verikalnye support. On them the light fabric-балдахин snatches. It turns out amazing on grace besedka! And from mosquitoes to be rescueed it is possible.
2. An armchair-sail. The big round armchair can recover an interior of a country house. And if to it to make "roof" of the hoops fitted by a fabric the pleasant place for fans in the street in tenechke turns out to have a rest.
3. A swing. They are good for placing in so-called "patio" - a covered court yard. Our summer residents with pleasure adopt this Mediterranean idea. Here both to rock it is possible, and to lie down. To aesthetes designers recommend awnings to do for a swing to order because stylishly issued assort long before the beginning of a season.
4. Chairs-transformers. Very beautiful and convenient furniture. In usual position an ordinary chair. Unless on bottom polochki it is possible to put, for example, magazines. Pair movements by hands and the chair overturns and turns to a small step-ladder - a thing, for any summer resident irreplaceable.
5. Sostarennaya furniture with the "advanced" electronic inserts. For example, the Italian bar with polochkoj where are built in 6 kranikov for vodka, gin, an adhesive tape, rum, etc. And below - same sostarennye handles of a radio receiver. To relax under music!
Or other variant: folding buffet-little table with polochkami and even the holder for paper towels. And the oven is below built in.
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Exclusive furniture