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, 22.09.2013
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Planirum kitchen.

Kitchen furniture - the most pretentious! It arranging a drawing room, it is possible to think over weight of variants in a head. On kitchen all should be compactly, functionally, ergonomically. Moreover and that it has turned out beautifully, but on all in typical "panel" at the best 8 - 10 square meters (in modern panel series).
First, it is necessary to measure all parameters: length of walls, height of a ceiling, a place for an exhaust aperture, water and gas pipes.
Secondly, to solve, what technics(technical equipment) is necessary: the refrigerator, an oven, a plate, an extract, and can, posudomoechnaya or a washing machine. Even if purchase of any technics(technical equipment) is planned only in far prospect, about a place for it and about podvodke it is better to think in advance. That then when you will reach purchase of "dishwasher", it was not necessary to do new repair.
Also we start to create (in a head or on a paper) the future kitchen.
In the majority of kitchens in a corner opposite to a sink, there is a strut - a pipe of heating. If it is your variant, leave 10 sm up to a wall free. Then, by the way, and curtains will close and open spodruchnee.
Reference point - a corner where water is brought. Here we put a sink.
The minimal distance from a plate up to a sink is not less 80 see Between them should be obligatory there should be a curbstone! And the kitchen utensils will be more convenient for storing.
Distance between a table-top and a bottom of hinged cases - 55 - 60 see
The minimal distance from the top edge of cases up to a ceiling should be not less than 5 see the Exhaust aperture cases is better not close.
The refrigerator is better for putting in a "insignificant" corner, far away from a plate.
Modern mistresses dry mugs and plates in the lockers located on the right or to the left of a sink at a level of the lowered hand, and it is not so obligatory to do it above a sink.
The best scheme such: has got products , has unpacked (a finishing table), has washed , has prepared for -cooking (one more working surface) and has started to prepare. Such kitchen rasklad will help the mistress to pass(take place) a minimum of distance so, to spend less forces for preparation of meal.
Small utility:
The space on kitchen is divided on two zones: a zone of a sink and a zone of cooking. Two irreconcilable elements confront: water and fire!
"To please" both, some designers recommend to use in a washing zone cold colors, and in a zone of fire - warm. For example, to choose in such tones a tile or popular now on kitchen stenovye panels.
The scheme of electroposting do during designing set. More often the scheme is drawn by the firms specializing on designing and manufacturing of kitchens. And you need to not forget to tell about plans for technics(technical equipment) to the designer!
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