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, 22.09.2013
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Exclusive furniture from morenogo an oak.

Exclusive furniture from morenogo an oak with incrustation from amber. First-ever the Russian masters from company « Imperial style » could connect a tree and a stone. The technology has received the patent 6 years ago. Today « imperial style » - the unique company in the world which creates subjects of an interior from these two natural materials.
Products from morenogo an oak cost in the most refined palaces of the Europe. From this material the legendary round table of knights of King Arthur has been created. And in 1731 English master Klauzen has made from morenogo an oak and the gilt silver an imperial throne for Peter the Great. At the moment this throne is in the Winter palace. It is considered, that the oak possesses curative properties. The same as also amber a stone of the sun, health and vital energy. During its antique times named « gold of the north ».
In Russia from time immemorial there was a tradition to give gifts from "ebony" in especially solemn occasions. For anniversaries and weddings, purposes for a post presented souvenirs or subjects of an interior from this precious tree. The furniture in "imperial" style is made, usually, to order. Each subject in-manual and in the single copy. Figure of amber is never duplicated.
Morenyj an oak one of the most valuable and remote materials among all created by the nature during many centuries. In the Europe it already practically is not present, stocks were kept only in Russia and Belarus. Hence each product from morenogo an oak is invaluable. And in the near future of all this becomes the most dear antiques.
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