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, 22.09.2013
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The furniture for new restaurant is made to order.

Tomorrow, on Friday, on January, 27th, in St.-Petersburg the presentation of restaurant-club " LVDOVIC " takes place. Official opening of an institution should be before New Year, but event have decided to postpone. « LVDOVIC » is on the third floor « Perinnykh numbers » (the Duma street, 4). The premise of an institution is divided into some zones, halls, zones chill out and the VIP in club are stipulated separate restaurant, club and the VIP. The menu of restaurant, as well as a name the chief-cook while are in a secret. It is known only, that the basis of the menu will be made with dishes of the French, Italian and Japanese kitchens. As the design-project of an institution is informed, the main thing in creation, there was a desire to display elements of classical French style in their modern treatment: voshchenaya the Venetian plaster, a parquet morenogo an oak with inserts from a white beech, a luster of the Czech crystal, a drapery from stuffed brocade, the Chinese silk, organzy and a velvet. Sofas, armchairs, pufy and other subjects of furniture are made to order. Plans of founders of club include the organization of alive concerts of stars and series of parties with DJs Moscow and St.-Petersburg. In night of opening khedlajnerom there are capital DJ Smash, and 28 numbers DJ Katrin Vesna.

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