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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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About project Tanamebel.

In many languages of the world "TANA" the bark, a tree " means " is a word and has laid down in a basis of the name of a site on which you now are.

Besides a site, our project is made also with the information placed in various printed editions, and also - in the handbills distributed in furniture stores.

The purpose of our project - to unite sellers and buyers of furniture so that the first could create qualitative and dear exclusive furniture, being assured, that it will be invariable in demand at the buyer, and the second, in turn, received a lot of the exhaustive information and the weighed decisions could make at purchase of furniture.

To furniture on our site it is presented meanwhile a little. So it turns out only because we wish to present you only that furniture for which we can be charged. And careful selection of such furniture, comparison and the analysis of characteristics, parameters and responses - work very laborious and consequently - not fast. If you sell qualitative furniture, and samples of furniture on pages of the project "Tanamebel" would like to place, simply contact us to discuss variants of such accommodation. Manufacturers of cheap second-grade furniture we ask to not worry.

In the near future in the project "Tanamebel" occurrence of sections " Office furniture ", " Sports furniture ", "Vestibules", "Cases-compartments", " Furniture for dining rooms ", " Case furniture " is planned. In the further opening section with responses of visitors is planned.

The site www.tanamebel.ru is constructed with use of the advanced innovations in creation of sites, including - automatic updating of the spelling, the improved perception for people with the limited opportunities and technology AJAX. We value each visitor!

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