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, 22.09.2013
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Furniture of Turkey

According to last data of the World Bank, Turkey has borrowed 18 place in the list of 20 largest economy of the world on purchasing capacity of the population (419 billion US dollars). The population of Turkey makes nearby 70 million person.

The turkish furniture industry is presented both small masterful, and the large industrial enterprises. Owing to flexible structure the small companies in a condition to carry out large orders since have sufficient capacities for this purpose and a labour. The majority of the large enterprises has appeared after 1975. The large industrial companies make serial furniture, their production is focused mainly on export.

Furniture manufacture of Turkey is concentrated in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Eskishekhire and Kayseri. According to Commercial and industrial Chamber of Turkey, the furniture industry totals 20 companies with number 200 person working more and about 120 companies with number 50 person working more. The largest with t.z. Manufactures of furniture the area, Siteler, is located in Ankara: here it is registered over 10 000 small and average enterprises.

In Turkey the furniture from a file or reveted natural shponom an oak, a beech, a nut and mahogany is made mainly. In manufacture of furniture following breeds of wood are used: an ash, a beech, an oak, a linden and mahogany.

The majority of the companies is equipped by the modern equipment, allowing to make the qualitative furniture delivered on export. At all stages of manufacture total quality assurance is applied.

Today speak about interosculation of cultures of the West and the East much. This theme interests philosophers and literary critics, psychologists and designers. But this penetration has begun, certainly, not yesterday. Already some centuries we, often not realizing it, use in a life things during different epoch "come" with the East, both with Near, and with Distant.

Here, for example, all to us a habitual sofa it, appears, the Turkish woman, but so a long time has lodged in the Europe that became indispensable attribute of apartments not only on the European continent, but also in America, Australia. In fact in large megacities of the different countries inhabited interiors though have national colour, nevertheless remind modern European more. But also they too were generated as a result oshchutimogo influences on the European culture of colonies and trading partners of the Europe worldwide.

This low sofa as though reminds east fairy tales read through in the childhood in which miracles alternated with the description of luxury and luxury in palaces of the Muslim East.

Modern sofa even more often name a sofa. A word "sofa" from Persia, and in sultanskoj Turkey the state advice consisted of ministers and court advisers referred to as a sofa. Originally a sofa as the subject of furniture, differed from a sofa presence of a soft back and armrests. But now in a life sofas name practically all upholstered furniture where it is possible to sit not to one (then it, certainly, an armchair). Last tendencies of evolution of upholstered furniture consist that the furniture falls all below to a floor, and its seat grows at length. And psychologists approve, that the below we sit, the more comfortably ourselves we feel. Knowingly the Chinese wise men a symbol of longevity had a turtle: it is considered, that it scoops the force and longevity from the ground, moving on it practically « on a belly ». And this pillow for sitting on a photo, as well as possible, symbolizes east wisdom about a turtle. In general the fashion on soft and magnificent pillows, including special pillows for sitting (the Frenchmen began to name them "pufami") is considered, that, and also carpets and magnificent soft fabrics a velvet and thin carpet upholsteries has come to the Europe from Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Furniture finished with a fringe and brushes, a gold cord and an embroidery as a result on luxury and the furniture did not concede carefulness of furnish to the most graceful clothes.

One more exotic subject from the category of the upholstered furniture, got in our houses from the Near East ottomanka. Many, probably, also did not hear this word though use to it every day. Its name has occured, the truth, from the French word «ottomane» so or nearly so so sounded for the Frenchmen turkish "Osmanli turk" a name of a dynasty of founders of turkish empire. Classical ottomanka represents soft, upholstered by a fabric or a carpet, divanchik without a back. On it it is accepted was to lay or polulezhat, leaning on set of various pillows. And, if it seems to you, that this subject of furniture can be found now only in museums, that, looking on a photo, you will understand, how much(as far as) your representations are erroneous. For example, pink velvet ottomanka on low legs looks very stylishly and can decorate an interior in fashionable now a modernist style, or various its modernized variants. And another, but not less interesting, the variant ottomanki upholstered too will be entered by a red leather in conditions of an apartment of our time in spite of the fact that has distinct east shade, especially in a combination to a relief panel on a wall, simulating ancient bronze. On ottomanke it is possible not only to lay small on the size, but nevertheless it is more pufa, it can replace an armchair. And even to become a table, as this model, living a soft brilliant leather with decorative zolochenymi shlyapkami nails. These shining shlyapki add a little heavy ottomanke some share of grace. In general, the tendency "to pretend" to tables recently at sofas is very popular. In the modern apartments having often small cubic capacity, the free space and sensation of open space is very much appreciated. For this reason the upholstered furniture should become multipurpose. Here and the sofa- has incured function of a coffee table, and, by the way, it is quite good with it consults. That one more model in which ottomanku already absolutely it is impossible to learn(find out), however, it it, but hidden under a demountable cover confirms also.

And here is how izyskanno the same pair a sofa and ottomanka instead of a little table in a modern interior, but executed in style of not growing old classics looks. And in this case « the fine Turkish woman » was harmoniously entered in conditions reproducing a drawing room of the French lock.

So, a sofa and ottomanka, varying together with fashion trends, have quite successfully lived up to now and continue to live in our apartments, being arranged under style of a life and aesthetic predilections of owners. For example, popular in houses of many of us the minimalism has changed also external shape of a sofa and ottomanki. Now the sofa is deprived set of pillows and an excessive decor, and ottomanka in conditions of a minimum of furniture becomes also "box" for storage in the afternoon bedding if the drawing room turns to a bedroom in the evening. But from laconicalness of execution these subjects of furniture do not lose the beauty and functionality.

Look narrowly, and even to the most up-to-date and very stylish conditions of an apartment you for certain will find a sofa in any or ottomanku , and can be, both that and another, let alone a uniquitous sofa.

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