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, 22.09.2013
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Furniture of China

The Chinese traditional furniture has strong aesthetic influence because of its obviously simple lines and that fact, that by manufacture natural materials of type of the finest wood are used. Ready comparisons can be made only with the Danish furniture, with its rare lines.

Despite of appeal of this simplicity, experts on the Chinese taste inform us, that in many cases, those chairs and tables priverzhentsov minimalism, from different directions have been draped in magnificent brocade and embroideries as their Chinese owners in days of the past had strong disgust to that was simple and neizyskanno. And thus to some extent, modern experts have by mistake assumed, that they are successors of the cleared taste of classical Chinese style.

The Chinese furniture uses set of types of wood which only are known them is that some types of wood have some the Chinese names , and the same Chinese name can be applied to several types of wood.

Two most estimated types of wood huali and zitan. Former tropical wood which grows in China, and has a wide range of colors. In its easier changes , it name huang huali, and in its more dark displays, lao huali.

Zitan, from it bagryanistym brown color, it is possible to consider (to read out as the most precious type of wood, and its charge, and the rarity is connected with the fact, that it has been imported. More general (more usual) types of wood an oak, an elm, a maple, a chestnut, a poplar, a birch, hongmu and nanmu.

Furniture of China = good furniture!

Nobody knows, why Chineses have thrown their habit to session on mats and to start to sit on chairs about 1000, during a dynasty of the Song. But early the literary certificate offers, that the chair and a bed have been clearly recognized as foreign inventions. Archeological excavations have made many examples of wooden furniture from an epoch of the Song , but real blossoming of creation of furniture, and the period which provides us with the majority of the examples found in museums and private assemblies today, 16-th to 19-th century, from the last Ming up to last Qing dynasties.

The fact, that the earliest chairs enter into sets two, offers, that the Chinese furniture was usually arranged symmetrically in rooms, but is not so many certificates to support it. Here again, the western opinion would like to see the order where no order has been originally intended.

The markets of souvenirs in Pekin and Shanghai offer rich elections in the Chinese furniture.

The price of the Chinese furniture tends to increase, for the last some(a little bit) years, is the most appreciable in 1985-6. The market was stabilized a little since then, but the prices remain, high and fine parts naturally it is heavier to find than before. Nevertheless, as it is true with any category of the fine goods, «, that is cheap, not cheap, and that is dear, is not dear. »

To become acquainted with the Chinese furniture, it was possible to begin gathering, surrounds a variety of types of wood, and to go further to the most parts. Or if you wish to enter into the world of the Chinese furniture in style, get walk in a bed and a dream in your assembly.

As chairman of board of Chinese furniture association Tszya Tsinven has informed, now in China is totaled more than 50 thousand furniture enterprises on which five work with superfluous millions workers. Statistical data show, that in 2001 production of the furniture industry of China in cost expression made 140 billion yuans (1 American dollar = 8,2772 yuans). In 2002 cost of manufacture of furniture in China has reached 165 billion yuans (a gain - 17,8 % in comparison with 2001). Under forecast TSzya TSinvenya, in 2005 Chinese mebelshchiki will leave on a level in 250 billion yuans a year. Being the large manufacturer of furniture, China with all evidence applies and for a role of the leading world exporter.

But year after year the country increased the presence on foreign markets. In 1996 export of the Chinese furniture made approximately 1,3 billion dollars. In 2001 standard items have reached 4 billion, and in 2002 this parameter has exceeded 5,4 billion US dollars. A mid-annual gain - more than 30 percent! If export will increase the same rates through 7 - China can really come out on top of 8 years in the world on volume of export of furniture production.

Experts mark, that as a result of steady expansion of cooperation between China and foreign countries, in the Chinese furniture branch there were significant positive changes the level of design and quality of production, in particular, has essentially grown. It is possible to tell with confidence, that the stereotype " Chinese means poor-quality " any more does not correspond to a reality. Whether the raw rear of the Chinese expansion Is reliable raw rear of the Chinese approach? Recently authorities of the Peoples Republic of China have entered rigid restrictions on use of national wood fund. The raw material for furniture manufacture whence undertakes? Naturally, from abroad. Chineses sharply made active search of stable sources of raw material outside own country. Today the main supplier to China a round wood is Russia (about 6 million cubes annually), for it Malaysia, Gabon and Papua follow. Our wood for a long time already became "general". For example, the city of Khejkhe, adjacent to Blagoveshchensk, is the basic importer of Russian "kruglyaka". Then the Amur wood goes on the industrial south of the Peoples Republic of China. Further - it is more. Chineses start to dominate not only over our Far East woods, but also in our Far East furniture market. Differently, the taken out wood comes back to Russia already in Chinese furniture "appearance" and, notice, quite good quality. Dear models are made of plates MDF, which on durability above traditional DSP . Other not less qualitative material is plywood. Cases are noted, when under the European marks (more often German) to us represented the furniture made in China for export to the Europe.

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