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Furniture of England

Manufacture of English furniture totals some centuries. For this time a lot of water much has flowed away also has changed. From simple subjects for sitting and rest of plain forms, up to masterpieces of furniture art. In furniture of England there was an alloy of various styles and directions. To British Empire from its all colonies brought different subjects of an interior and furniture. And it imposed an inevitable print on all made production. Furniture masters took best of all variety and proceeding from the English mentality the best samples who have then named English furniture created. The basic differences of furniture of England validity, sedateness, feeling of taste and beauty, strict forms and the highest quality is.

India, Myanma , Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and other east countries once won by the European colonizers, have kept national traditions though have influenced the western civilization. The refined subjects of east interior during several centuries were delivered by colonizers to England, France, Spain, Portugal. Having adapted for new conditions, they have strongly entered into the European culture and became an integral part of eurodesign.

Classical representatives of English furniture can be named production of such companies as, ATELIER ARTZEN - Furniture for a bedroom (http: // www.aazen.com), BENGTSSON DESIGN - Drawing rooms and dining rooms, Upholstered furniture (http: // www.bengtssondesign.com), OAKLEAF - Cabinets and libraries, Drawing rooms and dining rooms (http: // www.oakleaf.co.uk).

Welcome in the world of English furniture!

In the middle of the last century fireplaces in England were forbidden for heating coal in order to prevent ecological accident. And, basically, chimney heat - not that batteries. All the same a fireplace in an English interior Ц the sacred cow. Not having an opportunity to be practically suitable, it remains a symbol of the world and calmness in the house. Traditionally on a chimney shelf it is accepted to put bouquets of colors, probably, they become that sacred fire from which becomes warmer Е in a shower "conducts" all arrangement of furniture and a color palette. And as the largest furniture unit it, certainly, first of all is evident. The sofa is compelled to be not simply beautiful, but convenient, in fact here, instead of in a master's armchair, any visitor will be placed. In it the purpose also consists: a maximum of a cosiness, a maximum kamernosti at preservation of the maximal practicality.

In the Europe similar armchairs on design refer to "dedushkinymi" . Really, sitting down in such soft and deep armchair it is difficult to rise already Ц will not will you become the grandfather. Actually, such name goes from prominent feature of its design.

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