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, 22.09.2013
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The Japanese furniture

In the modern world and it is direct in the Europe constantly interest to east culture and the Japanese furniture grows. In the West now very fashionably everything, that concerns the East. Especially inhabitants of modern cities are involved with Japan the original, mysterious country which centuries-old traditions adjoin to last word of progress.

The Japanese aesthetics is guided by a principle « all superfluous ugly ». A basis of the Japanese interior the emptiness emphasizing internal grace of that little that is in the house. Therefore basic feature of the Japanese style is the minimalism.

The same tendencies are looked through in design and manufacture of furniture. In the house there should be only the most necessary subjects of furniture, a life and a decor. All things, house utensils are hidden in the built in cases.

Subjects should be not only practical, but also beautiful. And that has the unique person is beautiful only. Each thing in the Japanese interior is unique. Thus originality and beauty of a thing can be clear only to its owners.

Manufacture of house furniture in Japan the phenomenon youngish. For the traditional Japanese house with sliding walls and the floors covered by mats-, the furniture practically is not necessary. Well, unless a low little table behind which it is possible to go in, sowing on a floor, shelfs for storage cleaned at date of the bedding, closed the panel sliding in grooves, yes a brazier around of which inhabitants of the house are heated by cold winter evenings. Any sofas, armchairs, beds, floor lamps, chairs, desks and other furniture without which the European house is inconceivable.

The American scientist E.Morze who has appeared in Japan in the middle of XIX century, wrote in the diary: « In the Japanese houses of furniture marvellously a little. But each subject of conditions not only is as much as possible rational, but also is created with the skill not comparable to samples from other countries ».

Each product sogreto hands of the certain master, contains a particle its showers, therefore furniture from workshops Edo sasimono is appreciated so dearly. The typical locker will manage to the buyer in 1,5 2 million If the customer asks to concede in the price, the master not begins to save on the enclosed efforts and to offer a product of the second grade. On products cabinetmakers almost never put the brands: in the given trade it is not accepted, though can be and exceptions, under the request of the customer.

Unfortunately, interest to production Edo sasimono gradually falls. Collectors come to workshops, Japanese, and from abroad more often. And here in a life of a place for these precious traditional hand-made articles almost does not remain: they are superseded with cheaper furniture of the European sample, therefore masters should watch(keep up) any changes of a fashion. Cabinetmakers have taken to themselves for a rule to bypass new buildings, to find an opportunity to enter the furniture in new vital space. Somewhere already there is no place for traditional dansu lockers with drawers and chests, but it is possible to find a place for a graceful shelf, etazherki, supports under modern electronics. There is a constant search new dizajnov, but at indispensable preservation of technology Edo sasimono .

Present masters look ahead without optimism. Customers on their high-quality production becomes ever less. All is more difficult to extract and suitable wood. Therefore veterans of school not only do not aspire to transfer youth the skill, but also persuade sons and grandsons to search for other trades.

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