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Furniture from Spain

Furniture branch Ч one of the major engines of the Spanish economy, the most fast-growing in the Europe. With volume of manufacture in 8 450 million euro Spain takes the fifth place among the countries of the European Union, providing approximately 10 % of the European manufacture. This figure is especially indicative, as in the EU countries half of all world volume of furniture is made.

During with 1977 (year of creation of national furniture association ANIEME) on 2000 export of the Spanish furniture has grown on 2 695 %. This growth has been reached at constant support and close cooperation with ICEX (Institute of Foreign trade). However the branch has had time to go through strong recession, since 1999. After the significant growth observed in the end of 20 centuries when the quantity of the enterprises in branch has grown on 8 %, in 2000 and 2001 rates of growth have decreased to 6,2 % and 1 %, accordingly.

In Spain 13 170 enterprises from which only 10,9 % total more than 20 workers are engaged in manufacture of furniture approximately. Directly in furniture sector work only 133 008 person. It about 57 % from total of workers in derevoobrabatyvayushchej and furniture branches. The industrial structure of branch is characterized by strong dissociation.

The level of concentration is very low because of presence of the fine enterprises: 89 % from total Ч actually "microenterprises" (it is less than 20 workers), however they provide 38 % of volume of national manufacture.

More and more active gain the Spanish furniture of the world market began possible owing to ability of branch to adapt to changes in global economy. Spanish mebelshchiki allocate some main principles allowing them to remain competitive in conditions of the all-European economic recession.

New branch strategy, first of all, brings to a focus to improvement of service of customers that includes, for example, granting of concessionary terms and is maximal deadlines of deliveries of production. Other important factors of success Spaniards consider achievement of an optimum parity of the price and quality of furniture, and also ability to adapt to preferences of each separate market.

Spaniards follow the lead of Germany, a leader of the European furniture industry, during partial delokalizatsii production more and more. Experience of Germans on removal of manufactures to Poland where the labour is much cheaper, steadfastly is studied, develops industrial cooperation with foreign countries.

Search of new trade channels Ч a priority problem of branch, therefore more and more than attention Spaniards give work in the contract market. As a subject of sale in this case acts not only furniture production, and the whole concept of arrangement of an interior Ч both inhabited, and public. The output on the contract market allows to get to take part and representatives of allied industries: architects, gaffers, manufacturers of curtains and other experts on an interior.

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