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Furniture from Germany

Germany is one of leading manufacturers of various furniture of different directions. The German furniture differs high quality of materials, a practicality and functionality. The furniture of Germany totals some centuries of manufacture and rich design traditions. Initially basic manufacture of furniture has been calculated on countrymen and so-called middle class. World-wide recognized masters who have much introduced in world history of furniture manufacture eventually began to appear.

For today the German furniture is presented by such companies as, GWINNER Ц Drawing rooms and dining rooms , FROMMHOLZ Ц Upholstered furniture , ALNO Ц Kitchen furniture .

In modern Germany manufacture of materials for manufacture of furniture, accessories, an accessories is strongly developed. German stankostroiteli have deserved kind glory of production all over the world owing to high quality, reliability and convenience.

Everyone who for the first time gets acquainted with German furniture mark in it the raised comfort, a practicality, reliability and quality. During last times manufacturers of German furniture actively cooperate about design studios of the Great Britain, Italy and Spain. As a result on light there is the present German furniture satisfying the broad audience of buyers.

Welcome in the world of furniture of Germany!

The traditional German furniture in the Europe has developed more than some centuries to serve needs usual, first of all agricultural population. Initial forms have changed a little within years though stylistic influences have been accepted from luxurious projects of furniture of previous time.

Most important of these influences and, actually, dominating style of traditional German furniture in 18-s' and 19-s' centuries was freakish style which has inspired a complex crossing curves in structures of the project and a profuseness of decorative elements in superficial processing. Traditional German manufacturers of furniture were excellent masters, and even the most banal objects have been carefully made, with well adapted coordinating connections, fresh stucco mouldings, tidy outlines and the pleasant sizes. More ambitious and classical examples show an excellent groove and incrustation in work.

During long time, the post-war German design of furniture has been certain by credo of " the Good Form ". This variant funktsionalizma which further has been developed in institutes of type of College of Design in Ulm, only has was extended in the eightieth, at least in mass-media, despite of a raising(an increasing) criticism. It has been caused by boom of the project which has begun at the same time when the attention has changed to fascinating postmodern projects, especially Italian group of the designer memphis which has been based in 1981. ,

The independent movement soon developed from these ideas in Germany also was known as the New German Project. Experiments with materials, forms and the colors incorporated obviously at random with greater items of refusal and poluzakonchennykh of the industrial goods, order to a new formal idiom, to a suspension of tool rationality, and thus to clearing from dictates from " the Good Form ".

However, the majority of products of the furniture created in this process was unique and has not been intended or suitable for use as pre-production models or models for consecutive manufacture, and they also have arrived close to liberal art.

Representatives of " the New German Project " include Heinz H. Lande (born in 1961), Aksel Stampf (born in 1957), Hermann Waldenburg (born in 1940), Kunstflug (KHeiko Bartels, born in 1947, KHarald KHullmann, born in 1946 and Khardaj Fisher born in 1949), Ginbande (Uwe Fischer, born in 1958 and Achim Heine, born in 1955), Volfgang Laubershajmer (born in 1955) and Franc SHreiner born in 1959.1983 in the meantime of steel by one peaks of development.

Not later than the beginning of the ninetieth, the New German Project did not develop and did not represent any further interest to mass-media. In the end, the tendency has presented only very small percent from the project on the offer in quantity indicators, non-significant in comparison with traditional manufacture of furniture though it has probably provided has raised new ideas of the project.

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