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, 22.09.2013
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The Italian furniture

In what the reason of success of the Italian furniture?

Really, in what? And, the success is available with it any of the countries, entering in the European community not begins to argue. Recently in Italy there was no the devaluation, capable to urge on export, and a competition there not above, than in the other countries.

And nevertheless the country makes 10 % of all furniture production in the world. 50 % of the goods go on export, thus, the share of Italy in world export of furniture makes already 20 %. The Italian export furniture of 40 % leaves to America and Asia, and 60 % settle in the Western Europe.

And it besides, that in Italy is not present ready raw material which most part is imported from other countries, and cost of work one their highest in the world. Therefore achievements of Italy in furniture area look strange enough, at least at first sight.

Analysts see the reasons of " the Italian miracle » in a complex combination of every possible factors. First of all, it is high concentration of the talented designers making piece exclusive furniture. So Italians take not so much quantity, how many quality. Then, in one country of the world there is no such quantity of furniture firms the competition between them too promotes steady growth of quality of production. The furniture in this country seldom is issued to line methods, a lot of attention is given change of models, an individual approach to the client is characteristic, that approximately the same situation has developed in the fashionable industry of Italy.

This parallel not unique, insanity on design furniture in the same measure the European specificity, as well as insanity on clothes haut coutiure: if in America the furniture can be bought only in 16 000 shops in the Europe it can be made at least in 80 000 places!

The furniture for the house borrows 61 % in total amount of furniture manufacture in Italy, and 47 % of production are focused on foreign markets.

Till 2001 the Italian furniture branch experienced obvious rise. Then serious reduction of demand in a home market was outlined. To that there are objective reasons. First, negative tendencies were designated in housing sector: the number zhilyj buildings which were a subject to updating, has been noticeably reduced, and also there was a delay of rates and reduction of volumes of construction of new habitation. Secondly, financial losses which have incurred many families in connection with an exchange of actions and fluctuations for a securities market, have forced to wait a little with pokupkmi dear goods.

In 2003 some growth of consumer activity, decrease in inflationary expectations and as result restoration in internal consumption is predicted. Stabilization of a home market, in turn, should promote alignment of the external demand still not too recovered. Result should become increase in manufacture of furniture for the house on 1,2 %.

As it has already been told, about 47 % of the Italian furniture for the house it is exported. The main commodity market Germany which absorbs 23,2 % of export, for it France and the United States (15,8 % and 15,4 % accordingly) follow.

Since 1996 there was "shallowing" of export streams inside of the European Union from 56 % of total amount of foreign sales in 1996 up to 49 % in 2001. At the same time production of this sector quite successfully moves ahead in the American market: for last 5 years the Italian export to the USA increased on the average for 22 % annually.

Data for the first 8 months 2002 confirm: despite of complexities in economic, almost the export to America was possible to increase by 6 % in comparison with the same period of 2001 Italy. At the same time in 2002 the Italian export to Germany has decreased, and in the French market too recoil. However, there are tendencies of growth of export deliveries of furniture to England.

In 2003 restoration American and economic, possibly, will allow to increase export by 2,2 % in the comparable prices.

As to import of furniture the house in 2001 it has made 11 % of total amount of consumption. The basic suppliers of furniture are Germany, France and Austria. The countries of the East Europe (first of all Romania), and also China persistently win the shares in the Italian market. In first eight months 2002 of delivery from Germany have increased for 8,7 % whereas import China and Romania has grown on 15 % and 18 %, accordingly.

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