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, 22.09.2013
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Exhibition of all spheres of small business.

From February, 15 till February, 17th there will pass(will take place) an exhibition "Ufapromekspo" which will settle down on the areas of the first pavilion of Expocentre " Bashkortostan ". Among more than 130 enterprises which are going to participate , there will be a plenty of representatives of small and average business.
Open Company " íáÞ¼Ñíѽý-plus " will show novelties of furniture manufacture. Firm " ", besides tailoring overalls, has mastered also services on design of premises. Open Company " Gallery of windows " will show a novelty: otsilindrovannye logs which release is adjusted recently. Civil engineering firm "metako" is engaged in designing and delivery of building designs of type "sandwich" and as will present art kovku metal products. Open Company " Crossroads " will please with all variety of packing from a corrugated cardboard. Open Company " »Ó«¼µÑ¡ÔÓ " specializes on manufacturing of complete sets of furniture for class rooms and student's audiences, and Open Company " Claim " offers the educational equipment. New development of office and household furniture will show Open Company " ". Businessmen of Lenin area will show furniture and door blocks, an electric equipment, spare parts for cars, pottery and the exhibition equipment.
About all participants of an exhibition you will not tell, but it becomes unforgettable, celebratory event, a place of business dialogue and an establishment of long-term contacts. We invite all interested persons.
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Exclusive furniture