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, 22.09.2013
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Sale of furniture from John F.Kennedi's two houses.

Subjects of furniture and arts and crafts (utensils and knickknacks) are exposed on the tenders by the daughter of president Kennedi, Kerolajn.
The most valuable Kerolajn has transferred Fund and Library to them. Dzh. F.Kennedi, personal it bequeathed to the children. The rest is on sale enough not to the high prices. It is main plus of such sales. However, here it nothing collectors of art iskat-family Kennedi collecting of masterpieces was not engaged, there are only casual things like a sculpture of the khmer goddess of XI century (it is estimated in-60 thousand) which is most dear of 695 lotov auction Sotheby's . there is still a framework for a photo Faberge (-20 thousand) and « the Hunting stage » French master of the beginning of XVIII century (-20 thousand). All this of a thing gift, as, for example, the schedule of the founder of the American pop art of Jasper of Johns (-6 thousand) or celluloid "staff" from a cartoon film « 101 dalmatinets » with an inscription « to John with the best regards. Uolt Disney » (-6 thousand).
It will be most favourable to buy furniture on auction: Victorian (II half XIX centuries) a couch of mahogany two years and nine months was at president Kennedi in the White house, 0600 for it is very cheap. The same as also-8 thousand for the big dining table in English « Wilhelm and Maria's style » (the beginning of XVIII century) .v -6 thousand is estimated table set of a dark tree in English « style of queen Anna » (the middle of XVIII century) two huge tables and weight of chairs; and the children's high stool of the son of the president applied them, John-younger, gives especial touching.
Here set of subjects valuable, and, to tell the truth, not so, are mixed in full conformity with laws of similar sales.
Results of the tenders of auction house Sothebys which will pass(take place) on February, 15-17th in New York, you can receive on pages of magazine " á¡Ô¿¬.¿¡õ« ", number 26 which will leave in the beginning of March, 2005.
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