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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The swindler has sold furniture which is not present.

Some kindergartens of Moscow have suffered from the 24-years swindler from Ukraine. Having named as the manager of the furniture firm, engaged manufacturing and sale of children's furniture, it took money at managing preschool establishments and disappeared in a unknown direction. On Tuesday detectives from 14-th police station at Department of Internal Affairs TSAO have taken the swindler with on a scene of crime.
The speculator once worked as the manager in the firm making children's furniture. The man has left in the past to year and has decided to borrow in illegal business. Victims of the swindler became managing kindergartens in Northern and in Central districts. Having pretended to be the employee of firm it suggested to buy from it furniture under the favourable price. Having received an advance payment (it is usual about 15 thousand roubles), the speculator disappeared. The deceit revealed only after managing kindergartens called in firm and found out, that this manager has already left. In opinion of inspectors, the speculator has deceived not less than six heads of kindergartens and has got, when the new victim has shown vigilance.
sadikom in street Novoslobodskoj the manager has seemed to the manager suspicious. It has promised to bring an advance payment at a rate of 8 thousand roubles for furniture later, and itself has called in militia. During transfer of money operatives have detained the speculator. It was found out, that the firm to which victims have made a complaint has suffered from actions of the rascal also. The speculator has deceived also the native uncle who has for a while let to live the visitor of the nephew at itself. The lawyer has trusted in the relative and has given it 8000 roubles in a duty. Everyone who has suffered from actions of the swindler, can address in militia by phone 972-69-05.
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