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How to choose the Italian springless mattress.

Today in the market of mattresses the segment accessible is precisely allocated at the price of
Import production are Italian orthopedic mattresses without
Springs. Perhaps, this unique offer from import
Manufacturers in a segment 12-20 tys.rublej for a mattress 160*200.
All these mattresses are characterized enough by high rigidity, made
From artificial materials (so-called " artificial latex ",
"vaterlateksy", etc.). Covers of these mattresses as a rule are executed in
Variant "winter-summer", i.e. one party from cotton zhakkarda, and the second-
Warm, from a natural sheep wool. Mattresses are packed into a roll
(Vacuum packing).
The most known manufacturers of such mattresses yavlyutsya companies Magniflex, Lordflex and Bedding Industries. First two companies it is possible
To name old residents of the market, they are presented to Russia more than 10 years.
Firm Bedding Industries has appeared in Russia rather recently, but
Already has had time to recommend itself well.

The most accessible models is
Magniflex Merinos, Lordflex Marianas, Bedding Marianas,
Bedding Mariamis. We have arranged them in decreasing order rigidity.
It does not mean, that Mariamis - a soft mattress.
All four mattresses - rigid, distinctions in rigidity rather
Are insignificant, but nevertheless Magnifleks it is considered the most rigid.
All four mattresses in execution "winter-summer", i.e. on the one hand-
Wool, with another - a clap. Color scale - white-cream.
Quality of a material about identical, is a little allocated Bedding.
At Magniflex difference - on a fabric inscriptions " Magniflex Italy " are put.
The material of a monoblock is approximately identical, and represents
Itself " artificial latex ". Any of manufacturers does not open
The formula of the applied material. Ecological compatibility of such materials of doubts
Does not cause, that proves to be true results of certification. Differences
Only at Bedding Mariamis - a monoblock with 3 zones of rigidity.
Under different parts of a body (a head, a trunk, legs are allocated different on
Rigidity of a zone. It is done due to punching in a monoblock.
Happens, that sellers offer these mattresses under a kind of natural latex.
It is incorrect, the Italian mattress from natural latex costs in 2-3
Than time is more dear.
By and large, more or less all the same, what to take from the first
Three mattresses. Perhaps, wins Lordfleks a little: on height
It on 1 sm above Magnifleksa. An optimum parity at the price of
Possesses Magnifleks (16 sm). Bedding Marianas is hardly cheaper, but also
The lowest (15 sm). If want small "navorotov" - that take
Bedding Mariamis, it of 17 sm in height, also has three-зонный block.
Hardly will be more dear, but is a little bit more comfortable.

There are two more models which are allocated at the price of and to the properties: it
Magniflex Waterlattex and Bedding Miss Marianas - softer and comfortable mattresses.
Mattresses in execution "winter-summer", color scale - white-cream. Quality
Material about identical, it is a little allocated Bedding.
Material of a monoblock - "vaterlateks", a product received by means of foaming of polymer with use water pair. Difference at Bedding Miss
Marianas - higher monoblock (above on 2-3 sm) with 5 zones of rigidity.
From these two models at present more favourable purchase
Model Miss Marianas is represented. Height of a mattress of 20 sm (against 18
Sm at model Waterlattex),
It is used 5-зонный the block, the cover pleases an eye unusual stezhkoj.
And all this at hardly to the smaller price.

All mattresses which I have mentioned in this clause are delivered in
To vacuum packing. It means, that a mattress will curtail in compact
Roll. The width of a roll is equal to width of a mattress plus of 5-10 sm, and diameter
Roll kolebletsya from 25 up to 35 see Packed mattress it is very convenient to transport on
To the automobile machine. But having unpacked a mattress, second time it to not curtail any more.
On manufacture for turning a mattress are used powerful press,
Therefore in house conditions repeated skrutka it is impossible.
After packing of a mattress is opened, the mattress starts to accept
The natural form. Usually it borrows from poluchasa up to an hour, but
All manufacturers recommend to not hasten and wait for 6-10 hours that
The mattress has completely finished.

These mattresses are especially good for teenagers and for people with problems in the top departments of a backbone. On weight sleeping manufacturers do not give restrictions. People with the greater weight will feel on such mattress comfortably.

Service life of such mattress - 10-12 years. After that a mattress
It is recommended to replace. As, however, and any other mattress.
Firm guarantee kolebletsya from half a year about one year, however on ours
To experience, it practically is not required.
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