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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Be mebelshchikom in Denmark it is necessary to pay.

The Danish trade union is going to ignore the Estonian furniture firm if its workers collecting the furniture in Denmark, will not enter its numbers. This step would turn back for enterprise Haglund Moobel additional charges in the form of: a membership dues on 1020 crones on each worker, payments in local fund of training and in holiday cash department, and also hourly payment dictated by trade union at a rate of 300 crones instead of present 190 crones. A week to firm it is totaled 5 percent penya as because of dispute with trade union terms of delivery of work have been delayed. The customer had to pay also 100 000 crones of the penalty.
Complaints of the Estonian businessmen that the main principle of EU about freedom of movement of a labour and services is broken, the adviser of the Ministry of work of Denmark Ole Bondo Kristensen answers with the statement, that no contradiction with the instruction of EU here is present. There it is told, that if in the country there is no uniform minimal rate of the salary conditions are a question of the contract between trade unions and employers. Firm Haglund Moobel, at intermediary of the Swedish design company, arranged with furniture hundred numbers in 4-stars hotel in Arhus. It has had time to make works on 2,5 million crones. If work will have to throw, losses will make 1,5 million crones.
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