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, 22.09.2013
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Sverdlovsk mebelshchiki wish to contend with "Ikea".

Sverdlovsk mebelshchiki do not wish to concede the market of company " ". As is known, now the Swedish company builds on Moskovsk a path, in feature of Ekaterinburg, a trading complex. Its start is planned on the end of 2006. In the same place and in the same terms Sverdlovsk mebelshchiki plan to put in operation the furniture shopping center. They believe, that can save due to "Ikea" on the advertising company and maintenance TTS with a necessary infrastructure: autoparkings, access roads. The idea on creation TTS has appeared after messages in mass-media about construction in city of a trading complex "Ikea" and the begun agiotage among the population.
Sverdlovsk mebelshchiki consider, that it with the Swedish company to divide there is nothing. At "Ikei" one style of furniture youth. It is production from inexpensive materials, it will close only one sector of the market. The administration of Ekaterinburg, on behalf of vice-mayor on Victor Konteeva's commodity market, has promised to promote realization of the project of the compatriots unlike the project of the Swedish company.
Several months ago construction "Ikea" has been suspended. Swedes have accused city authorities of a tightening of official registration of papers on construction with the purpose to receive from the company additional payments. According to organizers "Ikea", local officials refused to support the project while representatives of the furniture giant will not accept financial participation in « voluntary funds », organized by the mayoralty. Now disputes between administration of Ekaterinburg and Swedes are resolved. "Ikea" has agreed to deduct money in fund.
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