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Cabinet of the head, or Furniture for the boss.

Cabinet of the head – a place indicative. In many cases it carries out a role of a hanger with which all begins. Potential clients, employees, partners and sponsors, contracts, credits and all possible and impossible prospects – begin, develop or irrevocably perish here. Therefore the choice of conditions and furniture for a cabinet of the head is of great importance for the enterprise or firm as a whole.

First of all the general interior of a cabinet of the head – its style is estimated. For today among the Russian prevailing tendencies in this direction (office furniture for the head) – a combination of modern "techno" and hi-tech, allowing as much as possible to use advanced achievements of a science and technics(technical equipment), with classical traditional elements which introduce habitual convenience and a cosiness, heat and a quiet equal spirit in an interior.

The furniture for the head is first of all only qualitative materials, a high class of execution and modern design. Therefore the firms, aspiring to create or support the prestige, do not save on purchase of very dear conditions from very known manufacturers of office furniture.

The first question which arises at registration of a cabinet of the head-it its area on which sizes much depends, and also its form. The owner of a cabinet should realize, that the faultless interior is possible, only if the area of a room makes not less than 20 square meters. It is rather desirable thus that the cabinet was rectangular or quadrangular – but not extended (koridornogo type). In the latter case to create a harmonious interior it will be practically impossible.

Certainly, central subject of a cabinet of the head – a table. Its majesty a table serves as a honourable pedestal for signing contracts by the high agreeing parties … the Table of the head more gromozdok and is great (position obyazyvaet!), than other office tables. Also it is distinguished with massive legs and curbstones, a solid table-top, as a rule, in 2 times more thickly usual. Often table of the head decorates byuvar, trimmed with a natural leather or other modern dear materials. Besides the basic table, in a cabinet of the head there are added tables for subordinates and visitors – the special conferences-tables which are carrying out auxiliary, but absolutely necessary function bn time of carrying out of meetings, sessions, advice and so forth

The armchair in a cabinet of the head carries out the major role: sitting in it, the chief should feel extremely comfortably – that nothing stirred during considering and acceptance of strategic decisions. Therefore the armchair of the boss differs: in height and massiveness, technical perfection. More often such armchairs are made of strong traditional materials – for example, a natural leather or substitutes of high quality and are equipped gazliftom – by the pneumatic mechanism of rise of sitting (also it can be adjusted and height of armrests). In a cabinet of the head, besides the Main armchair, are available also others – for example the conference-armchair (convenient an armchair without kolesikov) which under the characteristics are not so perfect, but should not be beaten out from the general style of an interior.

Cases in a cabinet of the head, as a rule, do not borrow especially a lot of place (the great bulk of documents is stored in other premises, however and they carry out the certain function in creation of necessary conditions: accurately placed magazines and books in good reliures leave good impression at visitors, whether it be subordinates or partners. With this role glazed, with raspashnymi or sliding doors in the bottom branches, and also racks and floor curbstones perfectly consult.

Often enough in a cabinet of the head there is a sofa. Certainly, first of all it is office sofa – but on a class it will always differ from the colleagues the raised convenience and exclusive quality of materials. Here again on the first place – certainly a leather and natural wood (plus metal details). The sofa in this case incurs a role of a classical, traditional subject of an interior – places where it is possible to relax or reduce a distance in searches of a consensus in necessary cases. Possible variants: dvukh-, three-local sofas, spacious "corner", some armchairs for rest – the choice depends on presence of an empty seat and desire of the owner.

In manufacture of furniture for cabinets of heads the most qualitative, dear and mainly natural materials are used only. Among the cores – a leather, ultramodern fabrics, natural shpon valuable breeds of wood (a classical variant), glass, stainless steel .

Tables, cases, curbstones and so forth the case furniture is produced from dpebeqhm {, more often natural shpona which can be as the basic, and a finishing material. With it cover covers of tables and facades of cases. Complete sets of furniture for heads of a class an exclusive and lux are carried out entirely from a file of wood (an oak, a beech, a maple, an ash, a cherry, a nut, a birch, etc.) . Among other most widespread materials in manufacture of case furniture for heads – high-quality plates MDF and DSP with a covering from melamina, a laminate or natural shpona. The tendency of wide use as the basic and decorative material - glasses that speaks unique and universal characteristics of this material (strong, practical, hygienic, at last, very beautiful) For the last few years has developed and has become stronger. Table-tops, shelfs, – give racks and the doors of the cases executed from high-strength tempered and tonirovannogo of glass to an interior effect of ease and lightness, precise lines (without sharp corners) correspond to an atmosphere of a management cabinet, clearnesses of thinking and promote a concentration on the main thing.

Such modern materials are well combined with glass, as aluminium and stainless steel – the integral components of style hi-tech. In furniture for heads from these materials legs of tables, armrests, support of chairs and armchairs, some details of bookcases, curbstones, sofas are made. The same materials are used in elements of a decor of a cabinet of the head – fixtures, lamps, nastennykh hours, coffee tables and so forth

However presence only – yet does not mean dear subjects of furniture and an interior, that the cabinet of the head will look up to the mark. The cabinet of the head assumes the uniform concept and the true design decision. For today the market of office furniture offers a wide choice – in various price categories and style directions depending on wishes and taste of the customer. As a rule, for registration of a cabinet of the head the company addresses for consultation to designers on an interior. Many firms – manufacturers of furniture for heads – have in the staff qualified dizajnerov- advisers who in the individual order will closely study the order of the client and will help to issue a cabinet of the head – the person of firm – faultlessly, not having passed any detail.

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