Exclusive furniture for home and office
воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Inhabitants of Tyumen prefer qualitative and dear furniture.

The Tyumen enterprise В« DOCK Red October В» is going to change the assortment. Instead of production of an average grade in 2006 the enterprise completely wishes to pass to manufacture of better and dear furniture. Now the combine priemushchestvenno makes case furniture for the house and office furniture which is calculated on the average buyer. For its manufacture inexpensive materials and the poor design decisions which are not adequating to modern lines interernoj of a fashion are used. But despite of it, the profit of the company grows during several years. And in the past to year has made more than 850 million roubles. However, growth of incomes and development of consumer crediting in the near future will cause gradual reduction in demand for production of low quality, and preferences on more modern, qualitative and dizajnerski-the "advanced" goods, though and under higher price will increase. Such tendency was already obviously designated in the market of clothes and footwear, cars, home appliances, and it is very probable, that the market of furniture and subjects of an interior will develop under the same script. For this reason the combine has created the new trade mark – "Mebelvill" . It is supposed, that under this brand will be it is made and to be on sale furniture of high quality, not only from the point of view of account materials and accessories, but also from the point of view of design and conformity to modern fashionable tendencies.
best furniture Exclusive furniture

Exclusive furniture