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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The analysis of the market of furniture.

Very quickly the market of upholstered furniture (with 2002 for 2004 the share of the market of upholstered furniture in the general structure of the furniture market has grown from a parameter of 8 % up to 15 %) develops. The volume of manufacture of upholstered furniture (on all assortimentnomu to a number as a whole) in 2004 has grown on 25,7 % in the general parameters in comparison with 2003.
Manufacture of case furniture (includes: the furniture for drawing rooms, furniture for bedrooms, children's furniture, furniture for vestibules) is the most volumetric, according to researches its share borrows about 50 % in the general structure of the furniture market. In 2004 experts have paid attention to decrease in rates of growth of sales in the market of case furniture, the stagnation of trade connected with realization of furniture for drawing rooms is felt.
The market of kitchen furniture for the Russian manufacturers in 2004 especially has not increased, as the competition from the western manufacturers which share makes from 50 up to 60 % (in different price segments) is great. On results of 2004, it is possible to tell, that on rates of growth the market of office furniture has positive tendencies, its growth makes about 15-20 % a year, but under remarks of sellers of furniture, the serious price competition proceeds from the Chinese manufacturers.
It is possible to allocate specialized furniture in an independent share niche which by estimations of experts makes about 5 % of the furniture market. Most actively rostushchie directions is a furniture for hotels, cafe, restaurants, dosugovykh the centers, cinemas, medical furniture, furniture for drugstores.
Let's notice, that, despite of growth of realization of furniture in 2004 (in money terms), in view of inflationary factors, substantial growth of volume of the market does not happen.
It is necessary to note, that activity of the western manufacturers of furniture amplifies, but they work not only on the average and high price diopazone , and try to master lower price niches.
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