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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The first in Russia vystaka furniture "Flea market".

On April, 7th 2005 g in Moscow in expocentre " √Ф-module " the exhibition-fair first in Russia "Flea market", among which participants - private collectors from Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Uzbekistan will open. The name "flea market" has appeared approximately in 1860th years when in days of Napoleon III, zateyavshego re-planning of Paris, dealers second-hand articles have appeared not at affairs and to them have kindly given the area in northern part of city before a gate of fortress Klinyankur. When every possible subjects among which the place was borrowed with old furniture, have spread out on counters buyers have immediately christened this place " marche aux puces ", that is "flea market", because seats and backs of chairs, padded stools, kozetki, old clothes have been occupied by these parasites. From Klinyankurskikh a gate this nickname has extended across the Europe, and trading numbers where the second-hand articles was on sale, too began to call flea. In such places it is possible to see and get the goods from all world, belonging different epoch and having the most various purpose. Ancient furniture, utensils, clothes, books... The Flea market is always unpredictability, search and a find.
The exhibition-fair first in Russia "Flea market" will pass(take place) from April, 7 till April, 10th. Here collectors and fans of olden time can get subjects of an interior and a life, furniture, vintazhnuyu clothes and accessories under the low prices. The exhibition will be opened in a historical place of Moscow Ч on Tishinke where in 30th years of the last century there was a legendary flea market, and in 80th years the known Moscow flea market has grown from "push" before komissionkoj . Today on this place there is expocentre " √Ф-module ".
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