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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Furniture of a summer residence and country house.

The country house for the townspeople - a symbol of freedom and independence, its interior is more often planned as the big open space. The minimum of partitions and walls on a ground floor creates feeling of open space, ease and air which so does not suffice in city apartments.
Such architecture demands and corresponding style of an interior - in it appears more metal, precise and laconic lines, quiet paints. Over it in furniture is dominated with natural colors: shades of the brown, grey, beige, bleached flax. In floor coverings the preference is given a tree of color venge, to the bleached grades of an oak. Parquets and parquet boards in style vintazh - naroshno sostarennye boards with the small hollows simulating defects in wood are especially actual. On their background the furniture looks neordinarno and it is unusual. The fashion on vintazhnuyu a theme was quickly adopted with owners of furniture boutiques where it is possible to get collections of furniture in which furnish effects patiny are applied, rough painting: buffets and tables with a manual list, cases and libraries, " izedennye zhuchkom ". All this ideally approaches for a country house and uses at designers and at customers a great demand.
Clients it is necessary for them to issue a country house from a bar, search for other registration of an interior. Designers make out often such houses in "country" style (or style kantri) for which are characteristic pletenaya or wooden furniture, samotkanye and ancient carpets, curtains and curtains from " a rural lace ". Similar type of the house bachelors, in fact seldom buy the wooden house - olitsetvorenie the family center, therefore in it should be a lot of textiles bright, but natural colors, plaids, divannykh pillows, candles, figurines of animals and birds, pletenykh and kovanykh accessories.
As a result it is important, that each detail of a country interior was display of own style of a life and promoted those sensations for the sake of which you and have decided to leave for city, - freedom and independence.
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