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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Forest park for furniture production

In Bryansk area it is projected "Tekhnoekolesopark" .predstaviteli Bryansk, Smolensk, Oryol, Tula and Kaluga areas have discussed the offer kaluzhan about joint creation "Tekhnoekolesoparka" at a meeting in Kaluga in the end of the last month. It is planned, that the structure of park will include the largest derevoobrabatyvayushchie and lesozagotovitelnye the companies, and also the credit, insurance and ecological organizations of five regions.
Kaluzhane wish to build in territory of the area "Tekhnoekolesopark" which will specialize on processing of wood waste and low-grade wood in hi-tech production, main from which examples is a furniture. This enterprise will be called to stimulate development of a timber industry complex of regions, to promote increase of their investment appeal. The next regions should deliver low-grade raw material for the further processing. For example, Bryansk can deliver myagkolistnuyu wood Ч an aspen with the greater maintenance of decay much. It will crush up to a fine shaving Ч shchipy, then to split up to fibres, to press and further to use for manufacturing furniture.
For the present moment the opportunity of realization of this project only was discussed. The main investor of construction of a factory in Lyudinovo is going to become "Karellesprom". N concerning construction "Tekhnoekolesoparka" representatives of the company yet do not give the exact decision.

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