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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The furniture swindler has deceived not only buyers, but also bank.

One of the most popular crimes of the present - swindle. Victims next became the people who have believed that it is possible to get on credit and cheaply expensive furniture. The man, having registered as the businessman without formation of the legal person, sold the nonexistent goods in the Don market. It has created firm on selling furniture and 50 person on 700 thousand roubles has deceived nearby. One of girls has got to the swindler twice.
The future victims concluded dogovory the consumer credit with banks. The bank, nothing suspecting, transferred money for the account of firm, but people and did not receive long-awaited furniture. The majority of them have already started to extinguish the credit when it was found out, that the businessman has appeared the swindler. This scheme of swindle operated half a year.
It have caught in other region. Money at it nebylo . It has told, that has lost for them in a casino. During investigation it was found out, that it has deceived also bank, having issued the credit under false documents.
On the fact of swindle criminal case is got. If episodes it will be possible to prove all in court to the rascal threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.
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