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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Custom-made murder mebelshchika.

There was a custom-made murder on Thursday in Noginsk area of Moscow suburbs. General director Kirzhachskoj of furniture factory 53-years Anatoly Alekseev has been killed. The bled profusely victim tried to disappear from the murderer by the machine.
It have found dead in "Audi" on a crossroads before a building poselkovogo advice. The body was found out by the inhabitant of village Mamontovo. Having glanced in interior, it has found at the wheel stained with blood the man.
The murderer has shot at the businessman two times, presumably, from PM with the muffler. The first bullet has punched a driver's seat and has got in a back to a victim, and the second has flown by past and has taken off through a windshield. Experts have established, that the killer shot from street, obliquely, through the open window. Doctors speak, that fatally wounded has passed a little sot meters, trying to reach a place where to it could help.
The businessman headed furniture factory in the city of Kirzhach of the Vladimir area (the Factory on manufacturing furniture the-small enterprise. There work 260 person. It lets out furniture for kitchen and lunch sets. All production is intended only for the domestic consumer.) also held an imperceptible post of the chief of a department of supply Noginskogo of a factory of the fuel equipment. But, on informal data, it was one of proprietors of this enterprise. . There is a version, that professional work Alekseeva has led to its destruction. Inspectors will check up, whether murder of the businessman is connected with the conflict around of enterprise " Москомплектмебель " which structure till 1998 included factory. Repartition of the capital furniture enterprise was accompanied by loud scandals and even power capture in April, 2002. Probably, present crime — echoes of those events.
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