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How to choose a case-compartment.

The most complex and responsible step at the order of a case-compartment indoubtedly is definition of that it is necessary for you actually. The mistake here costs dearly. Not because the case costs money, that is why what exactly you each time will collide with any certain inconveniences at use of a case, not having provided them in advance. So we shall try to break this problem into some small questions, at the answer on which in general it becomes clear, that you want and it will be easier to define the general line to which should adhere.

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The case, as well as all other subjects of an interior, should take the place in where it is most functional and imperceptible, by such principle we shall break all cases into 4 categories:

- A case for prikhozhej
- A case for a drawing room (the big room)
- A case for a bedroom (a small room)
- A case for a nursery

How these cases, the functional inquiries shown to them, nevertheless different, with the small specificity were externally similar. We shall try to understand.

Case for prikhozhej

Functional applicability - storage of outer clothing and the footwear used at present of year, storage of clothes and footwear of other seasons. What is already specifies presence, at least, to 1 section under clothes. But is better presence 2 sektsy under clothes that will positively affect more clear split of clothes: " Operative "-which you use at present and "static"-which you will use through the certain interval of time. Will agree, it is inconvenient to choose each time a thing which you carry in current, say, month from the general set of things. According to a thing are wiped off the friend about the friend daily, that precisely will not lead to improvement of their kind, especially during this period when you do not use them. In case of with 2-мя sektsiyami, things which you use now, nakhodyatsya separately from things, at present "static" which hang to itself spokojnenko, anybody does not touch them. It nevertheless is better, will agree! Even if at you not so it is a lot of place allocated under a case, it is better to make 2 sections, one it is less, another it is more, but to divide clothes, than 1 greater section in which all will be " in a heap "-you nothing vyigraite, but can lose.
Also in a case it is necessary to provide even one section under shelfs, believe always there will be trifles in prikhozhej which it is necessary where that to put, the same umbrellas, means on care of footwear, bags, the tool and is a lot of still such.... And the squeak is the VACUUM CLEANER
Result: the minimal filling of a case in prikhozhej 2 sections under clothes and 1 section under shelfs. In view of 3 sections of filling the most expedient will be also presence of 3 doors, but in any case it is no more, than quantity sektsy.
Doors of a case in prikhozhej though one, in any case should have a mirror door-it conveniently and beautifully. The mirror door, in our case, is better to arrange in the center, and other doors to execute from 10 mm of the panel, nevertheless a vestibule is a place of moving of every possible subjects where it is impossible to guarantee 100 % a guarantee of that something will not fall, as a rule from edge, and not razobet a mirror (event in itself unpleasant, but not dangerous as the mirror is protected from osypaniya from obvyazki spets.kleyushchej by a tape). As a result of a door in a case it is meaningful to make 2 panel and 1 mirror, it is quite enough of it and from the point of view of illumination (as a rule, in corridors is more dark, than in rooms), but also it not the law - all doors can be mirror, the law only that though one door should be with a mirror.
Color scale this only thing where there are no conclusions, except for your desire.

Case for a drawing room

The functional applicability - storage of easy clothes, bed-clothes, accommodation of the subjects decorating an interior, home appliances, personal papers, photos, utensils in general of everything, that can be demanded in a drawing room and that you there want to place, and it is really possible to place there all!
In turn, we shall note the most necessary and obligatory for this category of cases of section:

2 sections under clothes (the hinged elements located in two circle are possible, quantity in 2 sections are considered more than sufficient for accommodation of things 2 person, especially if the person one.

2 sections under shelfs (well it is not a subject to an explanation because of obvious necessity).

All the others of section are possible, but are not obligatory.
The interesting result gives application of the open section in which settle down: the musical center, the videorecorder, the TV, fine subjects of an ornament of an interior. The open section visually breaks a case on two equal half, and is made out, as a rule, okruglymi by walls with semicircular top of the open section, which hardly above two lateral cases. And in end of all in a semicircular roof of this section fixtures are built in. It is not obligatory, but looks effectively.
As to doors then the principle of symmetry operates, i.e. the quantity of panel doors should be equal to quantity of doors with mirrors or all doors should be mirror, but all it concerns only cases, when total of doors even. In case of when the total of doors odd, is better to choose a variant " mirrors less on one ". Recently even more often the combined doors began to be used (consist as of a mirror or glass and the panel odnovrmenno) cost of such doors, as a rule, more standard , but they look much more stilnee and is more effective. Though there is a small dirty trick: these doors only then are looked when all doors of a case are executed in the combined style. Color scale, as well as in a former example on your discretion.

Case for a bedroom

Practically too most, as in a drawing room, with some amendments: all doors - the mirrors, the open section here is inappropriate, it would be quite good to place one lateral console with a case, for fixtures solve if there are fixtures means at a case there will be a roof and on the contrary, but it is more preferable without a roof. Color scale on your discretion.

Case for a nursery

Practically too most, as in a drawing room, with some amendments: all doors (or at least the majority) the panel or combined, the open section is interesting in particular under books or the toy, consoles will not be superfluous, fixtures are simply necessary, if their what or in the image to beat (for example in the form of a UFO) the roof is all the same necessary in style "ART" . Color creative (not in understanding terrible, and in a context color, and it it is as much as possible colors

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