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, 22.09.2013
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Colonial furniture again in favore.

Now collectors show the increasing interest to colonial furniture. Such furniture executed in this style, is often exposed on the tenders by the largest auction houses of the world.
Colonial furniture-it the subjects connected with service in the Spanish or British colonial possession, which all way of life represented a freakish interlacing of the European foundations with local customs and as the colonial furniture are meant as products of masters-emigrants at east coast of America, which, being based on the European traditions, in development of furniture art have managed to go independent by. This style, has arisen in days of opening and a gain of the new grounds, it began to be popular since second half XIX century. In it are inherent negligent elegance, free use of space, furniture masters used gnute a tree and punching of wood.
The bright contradiction of the form of a product to its purpose, become by norm during the Victorian epoch, profanation of essence of a design were not perceived any more as bad taste, and it was treated as an idea on free art experiment, interosculation of cultures. As a magnificent example of the British furniture of the Victorian epoch executed in colonial style, it is possible to name the table locker of an ebony decorated by a mosaic, sold for 600 pounds on London auction Sothebys on March, 11th, 2003.
Besides it, auction house Christie ` s on April, 15th, 2005 has exposed on the tenders at once some subjects from the British India. The especial attention involves a small cabinet of XIX century (estimejt 7-10 thousand), with incrustation by an ivory in traditionally Indian manner, brought of Bombay.

The Spanish colonial furniture also is in demand. Such furniture could be seen on London auction Sothebys « Oak and provincial furniture » (« Oak and Contry Furniture ») which took place on April, 26th. To the most remarkable lotom became the Spanish chest of a nut tree of XVIII century with carved furnish and east motives. Estimejt 1,200-1,8 thousand pounds.

The separate word is deserved with furniture of the Catholic countries of Latin America XVIIXIX of centuries. Here primitiveness of forms is combined with bright paints and the crushed decor. The rare Mexican table case of the end of XVII century, decorated by silver, nacre, a tortoise crest and an ivory is those sold on the London auction Sothebys on October, 28th, 2004. The sale price lota has made 42 thousand pounds.

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