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, 22.09.2013
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Manufacture of furniture from natural, almost raw, a tree.

To adjust mass production of furniture from natural, almost raw, a tree it is complex, and it is not necessary. Manufacturing exclusive « natural furniture » was and remains a priority of small private workshops. The owner of enterprise " " from Gavrilov the Hole Sergey Mineev began that has tried to spin sanki from a rod is a traditional craft of its native places, but the soul asked greater. Therefore it had to study in a trade of the joiner, a toolmaker, the manager and operating manufacture. On all this it is has left(is cunning) about 17 years. Sergey has made the first machine tool of an old lathe on metal. Now in its masterful more than 10 machine tools made by the hands from improvised means and scrap metal.

Works of a furniture workshop from Gavrilov the Hole are actively bought up at exhibitions. Buyers are very happy, but the master often neudovletvoren made. It is difficult to give quality because of poverty, there are no modern technologies. And one more problem the staff. To find in remote places of costing masters it is difficult. It is even more complex to keep those who comes for work. To begin on new it was necessary not time, but as a result about furniture affairs the master have heard not only in Yaroslavl, but also in Moscow. There were orders and constant clients. Firm style began to be shown.

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Exclusive furniture