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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Furniture from dust.

How to make incomes of waste Ч one of problems which try to solve in all regions of the country. Spouses Gilmanovy could answer this question, having built itself an apartment from everything, that usually is dumped. On Natalia's recognition, povedovshej about the family creation, spouses very much wished to have own habitation. Incomes were more than modest, for the help to wait there is no place, therefore Gilmanovy have decided to take all in the hands. First spouses have made a cellar of bottles which do not send(have approached,have suited) on dimensions in place of acceptance of empties. The assembly of bottles increased and by means of the local boozers, like sympathy for homeless family. After other means have gone to a course. The verandah has been built from old kinescopes, and a wall from the fulfilled cross ties. Rooms of this house would be envied by any advanced designer Ч the ceiling of an apartment was decorated with the mirrors which have been picked up from industrial dumps. That in the winter not merzli legs, floors have warmed plastic cylinders. On its manufacturing it was required bottles from under aerated water .
The furniture too has turned out unusual: husband Natalia has decorated old cases with a river pebble. Visitors fade with admiration.

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Exclusive furniture