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βξρκπερενόε, 22.09.2013
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In presidential planes will put furniture trimmed by amber.

Some years back Kaliningrad mebelshchiki have made a decision to revive traditions. Then furniture masterpieces from a tree and amber have started to be created. Now sights of all oligarches are involved in the Kaliningrad exclusive. Among the latest clients, the ex-president " Guta Bank " Sergey Abramov. Recently it has ordered a gift set of an amber chess. For one more banker – the president of Municipal bank of Russia – in Kaliningrad now do the magnificent wooden table inlaid by amber.

Amber – main "chesspiece" Kaliningrad mebelshchikov. It is known, as in administration of the president and in personal presidential pokoyakh there is a furniture from amber For example, the first lady of the state Lyudmila Putin has ordered a little table, in which even screws amber.
And its spouse, Vladimir Putin, has decided to change an interior of the planes in Kaliningrad. One of last orders of the Kaliningrad masters – furniture for seven from ten air machines of the Russian president.

First in Kaliningrad have updated furniture from presidential ΘΛ-62. From sofas and armchairs on 18 passenger places constant there were only skeletons. A covering and stuffing have completely changed. Now the furniture in presidential Silt is upholstered by a leather of color of sea sand, armrests are made from bujvolovoj leather of light brown color.
Cost of the "presidential" order for updating of only one planes–000. Knowing who the customer, apparently, that is a little. But such orders work on image mebelshchikov - to make furniture for Putin Italians wanted. But for the last merits the order have received kaliningradtsy. And recently Kaliningrad firm has signed the contract on six more presidential planes. Now, seven from Putin's ten planes will be updated in Kaliningrad.

The number the VIP-clients Kaliningrad mebelshchikov includes members of the British crowned family - Prince Charles and queen Elizabeth II. And certainly "stars" of show business: Monserat Kabale and Selin Dion.
Last in Kaliningrad ordered stained-glass windows from amber for the house in America. Among the Russian stars - Leonid Agutin and Vick Tsyganov, Jury Shevchyuk and Garik Sukachyov, Vyacheslav Butusov.
The magnificent furniture, amber stained-glass windows for windows and doors - is done by all this for pokoev really royal. Speak, even Novel Abramovich thinks of furniture for recently bought for billion dollars of the plane...
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