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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Threat furniture " yellow expansion " till now is actual.

Law enforcement bodies of Khabarovsk recently have excited criminal case, on the fact of contraband of a wood-кругляка to China. The way of export abroad 1,5 thousand cubic metre of a wood of every possible breeds has been closed. Under the prices of the shadow market, one party had cost approximately 225 thousand dollars - in their month was two. Some firms, thus, traded not less than 3 years. It were basically Chineses, but under our "roof".
It has occured because in China there are no natural resources. A number locates the rich country, its regions - Khabarovsk and Primorye Territory are more exact. In these territories abundance of a wood, the free and fertile ground, stocks of a fish and pvsego the rest. Priemushchestvenno these economic resources are not used by local businessmen because of fear of our businessmen to risk, red tape, bribery of officials. So has developed, that in Khabarovsk territory very few people wishes to put the money in economy of region. From here and the gone bankrupt factories in Khabarovsk.
Taking out our wood, any Chinese businessman has not wanted to begin manufacture of wooden furniture in Khabarovsk territory. At itself - please, at us - is not present. Differently, let's cut a wood at you, to us it to carry, do furniture, and to sell it to you under as much as possible high price. So the majority of businessmen of China thinks. Pls to everything, them it is favourable pereprodavat a wood to Japan, Vietnam, India. Therefore they block an output to ours lesopromyshlennikam on these markets. Chineses search for various ways and actively master our resources, using thus the administrative resource, do not stint bribes. At them even privately welcome buying up of scrap metal and wood in the Far East and perepravku this raw material in Celestial. So machine tools, the equipment, the same metal we shall buy in some years from Chineses.
Now in the markets of Far East capital on the consumer goods from China prevails. In edge the light industry, and at Chineses it the main motive power of economy till now is not developed. The Khabarovsk, seaside, Amur, "Jewish" shuttles carry the goods from abroad, helping these the industries of China. Our light industry in Khabarovsk territory simply dushat. Now the situation is those, that investments from China in Priamure is only a screen with which China covers the economic interests in our region.
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