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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Spring exhibition-fair " Country Style ".

On May, 13th, 2005 in ancient to a garden "Hermitage" there has begun work a spring exhibition-fair " Country Style " it will pass(take place) till May, 23rd. Experts of landscape gardening and landscape architecture, and also designers, set dressers and the floral artists working in this direction, open the whole system of the hi-tech years pavilions harmoniously joining a landscape of a garden. The exposition abounds with flower beds, beds, rosaries, the Alpine hills, the exclusive decor of small architectural forms, various garden designs are exposed.

Earlier this exhibition existed under the name " In the world of colors ", but in it to year began to carry name more corresponding the maintenance. Among sections of an exhibition: landscape design, complex decisions of landscape sites, technologies of an accomplishment, fountains, pools and decorative reservoirs, a park and decorative sculpture, garden and country furniture, small architectural forms, ceramics, weaving, glass, art kovka, landscape illumination, systems of the integrated management of a country house, nurseries game and athletic fields, novelties of the consumer market, the goods and products for productive leisure on the nature. In huge variety plants and flower compositions, fashionable receptions of flower registration, flowers and a fashion, flower beds, beds, the Alpine hills, a modern phytodesign and flora-service, seeds, bulbs of decorative cultures, coniferous and deciduous cаженцы in containers, ecologically pure fertilizers, pochvosmesi, means of protection of plants, rolled dernina and seeds gazonnykh grasses, the book and magazines on decorative gardening are exposed.

Input in a garden and on an exhibition free-of-charge!

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