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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Pletenaya furniture for the Clear Glade.

Lozopleteniem Feodor Ivanovich takes a great interest since the childhood. Its father pyatnadtsatiletnim the boy has got in assistants to the known master - Kokorinu. At it it has learned to spin baskets, armchairs, chairs and even nurseries sanki and krovatki. Son Feodor has decided to continue business of the father and too has borrowed lozopleteniem.

Rod for products Timokhin collects on coast of the rivers Okas and Zusha. Sometimes it should pass(take place) on thirty kilometers in searches of suitable plants.

Several years ago Feodor Timokhina was found by heads of the House-museum of the Lion Thick. To the master have called from the Clear Glade and have asked to restore pletenuyu the furniture belonged the great writer. Timokhin has gone to the Clear Glade to look furniture Thick. There was nothing to restore there. The furniture was scattered in dust. The only thing that it was necessary to make, - to make exact copies tolstovskikh chairs and sofas. One of armchairs Thick as sample Feodor of visors to itself in a workshop in Mtsensk. Machines at it are not present, therefore it was necessary to carry it directly in the bus.

Timokhin has tried to make an exact copy with brought by it of the Clear Glade of an armchair. And at it it has turned out. Ivan Fedorovicha's work could not be distinguished from the original. Then it has agreed on restoration of other furniture.

With this order the master worked three years. In the first year has made two armchairs and two chairs, next year - three more armchairs and three chairs, and on the third - three sofas and two round little tables. Customers have remained are happy: made Timokhinym chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas have turned out precisely same what were during lifetime of Thick. Now they cost on a years verandah in the House-museum of the great writer.

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