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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The grant wishing to buy a good case.

Buying "wall" or a case, first of all it is necessary to look in corners - as panels of a skeleton are fastened among themselves. They can be stuck together end-to-end, can fasten metal skobami. "Correct" fastening is when panels fasten by means of thorns and pazlov, at cabinet makers this fastening refers to " lastochkin a tail ". The most bad way of fastening - when a ceiling of a case is simply pasted on lateral panels. The cases made thus, through a small time interval starts to shake and as a result develop, as a house of cards.

As it is necessary to pay attention to boxes. It is necessary to look, as are joined a bottom and bokoviny, be not afraid to move a box: if it is put forward and moves badly is not ispravimo. The cheapest variant when on a box the rod fastens, and in a wall of a case is cut out directing. Then boxes will come off, throw out and it is bad to be closed. It is much better, if the box "goes" on iron grooves by rollers, and on the end of a directing rod should be blokirator that the box did not throw out.

That as doors will keep depends on loops on which they fasten. High quality factories project loops, create design and patent a design, therefore on each loop there is a name of factory. If you open a case for 00, and loops there without the name, means, it not Lema, and a rough fake with Small Arnautskoj.

In inexpensive import furniture put the facilitated doors which can hang and on ordinary shtampovannykh loops. At least, it is better, than to hang up a heavy door from a natural file on ordinary loops.

In any case , whether it is necessary to check up easily the loop and as it is strong it works is fixed. Further "behaviour" of furniture depends on it - the door of a case will sag in due course, it will creak or all time to open, or not.

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