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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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What should be a fashionable garden in this summer.

Main diviz - manual work and natural materials, and to them it is possible to add a few(a little,little bit) olden time.
The garden furniture from plastic is not so actual in this season. In a fashion natural materials. Especially fashionable becomes so-called rublenaya furniture. The qualitative, sound wooden furniture frequently speaks about a high social status of its owner. Its major advantage - ecological compatibility. Rublenuyu furniture even name ekomebelyu.
Now the most progressive public with pleasure buys archaic wooden chairs and the armchairs cut from trunks of the big diameter. The most valuable is expressiveness of the rough, almost raw invoice, and various defects, for example, cracks, knots and skoly are in every possible way emphasized.
When necessary, such furniture it is artificial sostarivayut: izedennoe bugs the tree is filled with a special dust, and from above becomes covered by the structure protecting it from rotting. The "ecological" furniture very much reminds museum subjects of a country life. And in it its main glamour!
Especially valuable the furniture made of old boards, thrown out the sea and long lain under the sun is considered. Salty sea water decolours wood a little, and the sun does more darkly. First it seems, that such furniture is unpretentious and simple, however its cost can reach transcendental heights.
From sruba it is possible to arrange with subjects all territory of a garden. There are also chairs with tables, benches, supports for colors, stools, lockers and is simple elements of a decor: wooden mushrooms, artificial hemp. There are unusual combinations to glass and metal.
As in favore pletenaya the furniture is a classics. The fashion on it is constant and does not pass(take place) neither in the summer, nor in the winter. Armchairs-rocking chairs - an embodiment of romanticism of a garden, and also furniture complete sets use huge popularity. The hazel grove becomes baskets, armchairs, carriages, flowerpots and colors, lamp shades, holders for newspapers, cases for gas bags, caskets, padded stools, small houses for cats.

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