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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The textiles "will freshen" an old interior.

Recently designers mark the new tendency interernoj fashions aside imaginations due to reserves of forms and models of demountable covers. The textiles is remarkable that allows small means and efforts to change an interior. Conditions varies up to unrecognizability when or armchairs are put on chairs unusual covers, there are original pillows. This design idea is especially good for old, shabby chairs.
But it expands also potential of new products - we can not perceive any more design of a upholstery of the seat, offered by the manufacturer as a unique reality, and to change it, on the moods and wishes, vital events, etc.
To drape it is possible a chair of a various design and a material: with a soft and firm seat, a straight line and izognutoj a back, with armrests and without, from wood, plastic or metal. Not important, what chair, the main thing, " that kostyumchik sat ". Restrictions on fabrics are not present any, all is real: veselenky sitets, quiet flax, a noble velvet and velour, exotic rastsvetok artificial both natural fur and a leather, a flock, silk, a muslin. However, choosing a material, it is necessary to consider some features of a fabric: in shop it can look so, and here in a room absolutely in another way.
Having draped seats an original fabric, it is possible to make unusual variations of stylish registration of an interior. Among models of covers for chairs it is possible to find the decision not only for each person, but also for any design of furniture. With it both classics, and a modernist style, and, the east, also find fault flew. In classical English conditions, for example, the chair has direct lines and corners, a upholstery of strict colors - to a cover there is a sense to take from it an example. If to use motley sitets, to pick up corresponding curtains and cloths, is there will correspond to fashionable style kantri which bears heat, a cosiness and expressiveness. In a minimalist interior the strict constrained decision will well add the general ascetic picture.
The textile design is the uniform style decision uniting, supplementing and finishing an interior. It is necessary to remember, that it is necessary "to enter" delicately the subjects updated by textiles in an existing interior, not having spoiled harmony, it is favourable to emphasize advantages of your house and, to give to an interior an even greater cosiness and heat.

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