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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Rules of a choice of qualitative furniture.

Purchase of furniture - very responsible moment, in fact furniture is got not for one year. It would be desirable, that it was both modern, and convenient, and durable.
We shall tell to you about several rules of a choice of qualitative furniture.
Rule the first. Getting furniture, you should learn(find out) the exact address of the manufacturer: city, street and number of the house. Necessarily there should be a marks of let out(of released) production (often on a back or bottom part of a sofa or an armchair). Manufacture of furniture - complex and the labour-intensive process having set of technological stages, made in the certain sequence, defining finally quality of let out(of released) production. That the furniture became really qualitative, it is impossible not only to pass even one operation, but also to reduce time of fulfilment of each cycle.
Obligatory condition of qualitative manufacture: drying of wooden raw material. There is an accessible way to check up, the product is made of what tree, - to try to move it. If a sofa or an armchair cherezchur heavy, most likely, before you the furniture made of a crude tree. Differences of humidity and temperatures in our apartments at various times year will inevitably entail deformation of such skeleton, it rastreskivanie. From here the second rule is formed: the upholstered furniture should not be too heavy. In sereznykh the furniture companies behind each production phase the master of Quality Department watches(keeps up), therefore on such products there should be a mark about check.
About quality of furniture speaks also its irreproachable appearance. At purchase survey furniture from different directions. The seller-adviser should show the mechanism of transformation, also show samples napolnitelej, applied in the given model. Necessarily sit down on a sofa . To you it should be convenient. Having risen, at once pay attention to a seat, that with it became. If on it there was a dent which not at once was smoothed, that, possibly, is used napolnitel bad quality. Rasprosite the seller-adviser about the model of furniture chosen by you. If the explanation will be not absolutely clear, foggy or it is at a loss to answer or will try to change the subject, before you not the professional. The large companies do not save time and means for training of employees to work with clients. So, the third rule: the qualitative furniture should have faultless appearance, and the seller selling it should know all about a product.
To surprise and a regret, people invariable continue to attack the same raker. Quite often, having seen furniture is little bit cheaper, take, not having recollected about elementary - to take an interest about the manufacturer and its production. They simply do not reflect: and why is cheaper? Whether Only struggle for the market here the reason? Perhaps, the low prices are dictated by corresponding quality? Whether so it is necessary to be avaricious that, as they say in proverb, to pay twice?

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