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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Exhibition " the Kaliningrad furniture - 2005 ".

In Dvoretse sports "Youth" in Kaliningrad, on four thousand square meters the first incorporated club exhibition " the Kaliningrad furniture - 2005 ", within the limits of carrying out of anniversary celebrations " the 750 anniversary of Kaliningrad - Kenigsberga " from September, 14 till September, 16th will open.
Kaliningradtsy invite to itself all Russia-furniture. And the organizer became Association Kaliningrad mebelshchikov which not time were visited with capital specialized exhibitions and have made sure that last years all of them remind "babel" is more often, collecting tens thousand participants. There it is simple to get lost and to not receive attention of the necessary clients. As a result - not come true hopes and all for nothing rastrachennyj the capital. And the beginning companies even have no money for such trips. What to do? - the uneasy question again costs an edge. But, at last, the answer has been found.
The club "house" format of an exhibition, undoubtedly, has to business contacts and will help wholesale buyers to establish trading interaction with the Kaliningrad furniture companies. The Kaliningrad furniture can apply for a basis of business of businessmen from the Russian regions. The most western territory of the country which are being the center of the Europe on crossing of trading and transport ways, is convenient for business and friendly contacts. In the Palace of sports "Youth" the variety of furniture production involving with modern design decisions, style compositions, assortment and a price range will be exposed.
Kaliningradtsy can present potential clients own manufacture, lead seminars for dealers, and as to show and test new models.
All Russia will arrive to Kaliningrad and will see, that in here worthy partners, giving competitive offers. Because the Kaliningrad furniture is made only from the European qualitative materials, but delivered duty-free. So also the ready furniture has the European quality and the real Russian prices.
Each of visitors can estimate an objective picture about mebelshchikakh Kaliningrad and make sure, that they - not only advanced and competitive in Russia, but also strong the rallied position.
In the business program - a round table " Russia - Kaliningrad ", and also two evenings " without ties ", informal dialogue, and excursions.
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