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Case, shkap or shifoner?

Old case, which me was not noticed by years to itself and does not stir suddenly began irritate seriously. In general, it became clear, that the case should be changed. It was necessary to look narrowly at cases in shops. And at the same time and to listen - how this desired subject of furniture refers to. As a result it was found out, that everyone name cases differently: and those who buys them, and those who sells. Someone speaks "case", someone - "shifoner" (or shifoner), and someone - in general "shkap".
In it there is nothing surprising - in our language of full synonyms! - but it would be desirable to understand all the same. At once we shall reject "shifoner" as obviously wrong. But here "case", "shkap", "wardrobe" and "shifoner" - they than from each other differ?
Let's begin with "shifonera". This present loan: French "chiffonier" - a case for linen, dresses and other accessories of a toilet. A synonym for "shifonera" - "wardrobe". However, these words gradually disappear, become outdated. Now the general is even more often used for all "shifonerov" and "wardrobes" a word - "case". And it is correct, as "case" is a sort of furniture in the form of a standing high box with doors, for storage of utensils, books, a dress and other. "Case" is the most generalized name.
There is at "case" an out-of-date variant - "shkap". From the end of XVIII century both forms - "shkap" and "case" - were used on the same level.
In general, the conclusion is those: name all "cases", will not be mistaken. If you like words "shifoner" and "wardrobe" is your right them to use.
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