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Conversation on a journal table.

There are in furniture such products which can introduce a highlight in an interior, not demanding greater investments in style. Such furniture additions - journal tables, supports under flowers, under audio-and video equipment, gazetnitsy, floor dressery, nastennye shelfs, racks and other things on which, coming to a furniture store, or, thumbing through fashionable magazines, we can and not pay attention. But, it is those trifles which give to an interior completeness and originality. And consequently we can give some advice to help to be defined with a choice of this not last thing in a life.
In a modern interior the journal table is not a little table for reading behind it of newspapers. There is no such room or such place in your house where this small subject could not be placed with advantage. But there are places where it is simply irreplaceable - in a drawing room, in the big hall, about a bed and in a room intended for viewing of films or listening of music. Therefore so its universality and functionality is attractive. But the fashion and style is not unimportant.
Think, the fashion on similar furniture trifles does not happen? If you so consider, seriously are mistaken. Simply imagine to itself a youth room in which the journal table from the natural tree will "flaunt", executed in classical style. Having appeared in a room executed in style hi-tech, you marvel to that all will be near at hand, all will be very functional and thus you will have an impression of that furniture few, there is only a comfort.
Let's look materials from which make coffee tables. The imagination of manufacturers surprises with scales. From what them only do not design! Traditionally by manufacture of tables the natural tree, but, despite of heat and ecological compatibility of this material was used, now it is difficult to name its fashionable. The increasing love of buyers is found with the little tables executed with use of glass.
Glass - a unusual material. At preservation of functionality, visually it at all does not eat space. Using various thickness of glasses (it is usual from 6 mm up to 16 mm) and various ways of processing of an edge, it is possible to achieve from products and sensation of lightness, and visibility of massiveness. Table-tops of such products are difficult for scratching unlike little tables from a tree or DSP, they serve much longer. You will tell: " But they easily fight? " Also will be not absolutely right. Modern technologies enable to achieve that glass becomes bulletproof. Certainly, to create glass with such safety factor for a journal table would be squandering. Despite of it, many supports under the plasma panel can sustain loading and in 100 kg.
For use in interiors podstolya can be made of the most different materials with application of various technologies: kovanye or from the pressed marble crumb, from a natural stone or from gnutykh and direct steel elements, from a tree or from DSP. There are little tables which are executed only from glass, in them even wheels glass, new technologies allow also it.
At a choice pay attention that little tables with two planes (a table-top and one shelf) are more functional. On the bottom shelf you can place glossy magazines in the stylish disorder, creating a color spot, and the table-top thus will be free to put on it a cup of coffee. Thus little tables at which the table-top is made of glass completely transparent or slightly tonirovannogo much more attractively look. On such table-top patterns by a method of silk-screen printing also can be put. It is important, that these patterns had no semantic loading, otherwise you should reflect on that, this pattern approaches to your interior or not.
Very much stilny little tables in east style - low, with the big area of a table-top with the hieroglyphs put on a table-top. By the way, the space between a shelf and a table-top can be filled by the diversified ways. For example, it is possible to build in an aquarium or to arrange on the bottom shelf a breadboard model of the railway. The table-top can be transformed into huge hours or a panel made on technology zapekaniya of multi-coloured glass - fyuzinga.
The optimal height of a little table from 40 up to 50 see But if we speak about prikrovatnom a little table its level should correspond to height of a bed. If speech about a serving trolley the height most suitable for it - from 50 up to 60 sm, thus the height of the handle should be still approximately on 25 sm above. Overall dimensions of a table-top are not limited by anything, more precisely, they are defined by size of your room. There are examples of coffee tables with the area of table-tops from 0,2 up to 2 kv.m. - and it not a limit. From the point of view of functionality the optimal size for a table-top - from 0,5 up to 1 kv.m. However, it is not necessary to count that the table with a table-top is more, than 1 kv.m., will be mobile.
At a choice of a little table on wheels the main attention turn on that, the table is how much strongly collected, whether arises at its moving any pressure to designs, how much easily rotate kolesiki. If in a little table the technology of pasting of glass with use of glues with uf-отверждением is used, pay attention on maximal of the safe load to a surface. Remember, that the manufacturer guarantees to you, that the surface will sustain so-called " the distributed loading ". If in a little table there are elements strongly outstanding of the basic surface ask the seller, on how many it is possible to load them. It is necessary to note, that on little tables with glass surfaces it is not necessary to put hot frying pans and metal teapots - use teploizoliruyushchimi supports. It does not concern in any way to cups from coffee or tea - for this purpose and these surfaces are intended. If you put little tables in the country habitation which is not heated products from a natural tree or DSP can lose in such conditions the kind because of difference of temperatures and influences of a moisture in the winter, in such conditions it is better to use little tables with application of glass, metal, plastic, a natural stone.
As to the prices, that is three basic price categories of such products. It is possible to carry the products executed from DSP to the most accessible class, plywoods and little tables in which podstolya or bearing elements are made of the unified details. These products never differ modern design, but, are functional and because of the price are attractive. In a price niche from 1000 up to 3000 roubles there are fine manufacturers who frequently do not give high quality and reliability at operation, let alone posleprodazhnom service. The most numerous niche is "middle class". At the prices from 3000 up to 12000 roubles manufacturers watch(keep up) that products were not only functional, reliable, qualitatively made, but thus stylish and modern.
Now owing to that the competition in this sector of the market grows basically due to the Russian manufacturers, the prices for products do not rise so quickly. They are formed, proceeding from expenses, plus the margin for design. The price of a little table or a support in this price niche will be influenced with quantity polok, the area of a table-top, thickness has flown down, the materials used at manufacturing of support is that the buyer sees itself. But besides it, a lot of such that it is not visible to the buyer. For example, quality of processing of an edge of glass. It can be ground, polished or executed with fatsetom, and, the width of this most fatseta and that fact, whether is not rectilinear sites of glass products, also influence the price. Besides it, on cost of a finished article thickness stenok steel elements, quality of their painting and color, and also of what plastic elements are made is reflected. In the price pawn also quality of packing. The manufacturer who works in the market for a long time, the product in a paper becomes never simple to turn to not admit damages. For convenience of a product of these manufacturers most likely will be collapsible, that is very important at transportation.
There is also a third price category - little tables in cost from 15000 up to 50000 roubles. Frequently, it is author's works of designers. Be ready to that to you will not sell such product from a warehouse and it is necessary to wait for it approximately from couple of weeks about one month provided that will make it in Russia. If the exclusive thing will be foreign manufacture you should wait from a month up to two. But thus you become the owner of a product which any more will not see anywhere.
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