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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The Chinese international furniture exhibition.

The Chinese international furniture exhibition (FURNITURE CHINA 2005) will open the doors on September, 14th in the new international exhibition center in Shanghai. At an exhibition the huge set of every possible furniture will be exposed. Uchavstvovat there will be both Chinese, and foreign manufacturers. The assortment of the presented goods will be obemen - from house furniture, the equipment, office furniture, accessories, up to the equipment for manufacture, raw material and preparations, furniture fabrics, souvenirs, elements of an interior, furniture "light".
Those who already happened at the Chinese exhibitions, know, that here there will be not few surprises. Not all from them pleasant.
Language barrier
The Chinese works at the Chinese stand of the Chinese exhibition in China. The sensation is created, that very few people have told, that an exhibition .. INTERNATIONAL.. Would Be the big problem speak they in Russian. Give in English. Too is not present. Well all right. Give the catalogue and vizitku - we shall be written off, shall phone(shall be copied, shall phone). But here unexpectedness, both that and another - a fine calligraphy with full absence of any hint on other language except for the same notorious Chinese.
Output three.
The first - to communicate only with russko-or English-speaking participants. Logically and conveniently. However the most part of an exhibition will be at such approach only scenery.
The second - to give the vizitku and on a sign language to explain, that wait for counter contact. With feeling of satisfaction you send to the following stand. All goes under the plan. Until active Chineses do not start to process exhibition contacts. To you the letter will necessarily come from them. Guess, in what language? On the native language almost 2 billion inhabitants of the Earth...
The third variant - to take advantage of services of the translator. The most convenient and useful way of dialogue at an exhibition. The translator will manage to you approximately in 70-150 dollars a day. It will be probable he/she is the local student who speaks Russian. Hardly it will be profesiionalom, but in comparison with you...
Free time. What to do?

When you last time were in a museum in the city? At school? Familiarly. But relatives coming on a visit in the whole days somewhere go, and in the evenings plan above the bedraggled cards a tomorrow's route. Inscriptions on a card to you it is suspicious about what do not speak. Chineses same. Do not ask a question where " it is possible to descend ". It is better to think Of the cultural program in advance. As in Shanghai, a fair ground, is what to look. The night life in Shanghai too exists, despite of the first impression.
Before to cross border there and, especially, back, familiarize with as much as possible full list of rules and spisokom what to take it is possible, and that it is impossible, that is declared, and that is not present. For example, a leaf of a paper with nice hieroglyphs to you will allow to take out only under the special sanction.
It is a separate and important theme for Chinese people. If you go with children - necessarily learn(find out) all the moments of official registration of papers.
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