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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Furniture - an accessory for bathing?

The beautiful bathroom demands the considered complex approach. Even if before you it is necessary to replace a problem one only a washstand. And in such not a complex case hardly it is possible to do without the new complete set of accessories.
It is considered, that a choice of accessories - female business. The principal value here is traditional has natural taste, instead of technical features. We shall notice, that process of a choice and purchase of accessories - fascinating action, check of tenacity and accuracy of a female eye.
What to consider as accessories?
In narrow sense of this word-it some subjects: a hygienic glass with a brush , hangers for towels, the container for a toilet paper, a soap tray (for a washstand and a bath), hooks, stakanchik for tooth-brushes.
In wide sense everything is meant accessories, that does using a bathroom, a shower, a washstand and santekhnikoj by process not simply convenient, but pleasant. Kovriki, curtains, napkins, lockers, stools, little tables and other furniture, mirrors , baskets and grids for linen, polochki, dispensers for soap, capacities for sea salt or aromatizatorov ...
The list of subjects over a standard minimum reminds an episode from "Robinzon Crusoe's" book where it is told about inventory of ship chests. Any subject being a bathroom and functionally connected with processes, there occuring, it is possible by right to call an accessory. The opportunity to express is shown at selection of accessories as well as possible.
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