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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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Bar, where all from an ice, including furniture.

One of these days in one of Petersburg buildings the ice bar first in Russia where all will be made of an ice will open.
The idea of an ice bar is not new. Such institutions exist in Finland, Sweden and even in New Zealand. Recently the айс-bar has opened in Milan.
From this material all will be absolute: the floor, walls, a fireplace, a bar rack, candlesticks, even tables and glasses, and here is not present chairs and will not be. All the same you will not sit and on showers you will not talk Ч too coldly. Temperature in a bar a minus of 10 degrees. When the institution will start to work, to all visitors will give out jackets, varezhki and valenoks. And for internal sugreva Ч to offer Russian vodka. The barman to not freeze, will come into a drinkable hall together with visitors Ч them is planned to start groups on 15 person. It is More Ч the sizes of a premise do not allow, and the temperature mode needs to be observed, differently the ice will start to thaw.
Interior it decided to issue in the Petersburg style Ч ampirnye columns, a ship above a rack. Masters assume, that in such kind a bar prostoit 2 Ч 3 years. Only corners should be renewed Ч the ice breathes, sharp sides blur. But if business will go, the interior can be changed more often Ч by holidays , for thematic parties.
In total on erection ice "domushki" was istracheno 13 tons of an ice. Walls, a floor and other surroundings of four Petersburg sculptors created week. In view of all charges exotic a miracle-bar has managed in 150 thousand dollars.
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