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воскресенье, 22.09.2013
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The forged furniture: to order or ready?

The forged furniture wins hearts of the increasing quantity of our compatriots. It is possible to make any subject of an interior of iron. Convenience and beauty of metal - in a surprising combination of a subtlety and durability. Now, for example, order kovanuyu furniture Е in a bathroom. Graceful polochki for towels and linen, holders, a sconce. If a bathroom greater - also skameechku in pridachu.
The tendency of a modern fashion - kovanaya a bar rack. With twisted holders for bottles. With pleasure the townspeople buy iron eaves. To much like kovanye etazherki with glass shelfs. In Moscow for the present moment the big deficiency of stylish coffee tables. So many designers go to private workshops to order to table-tops gnutye kovanye legs-holders.
And as to fixtures - here in general there is no limit of imagination.
In one Moscow it is totaled about fifty private kuznits-a choice it is great. It is not not enough workshops and in any large city. There are at "custom-made" furniture pluss and minuses.
You we shall get of what dreamed. And the necessary size. And it means, that the furniture will organically be entered in an interior.
Manual work with iron on much better, than factory. At a factory joints usually cook. Moreover and to protect forget. And in a masterful detail connect gracefully. And each curl - a work of art.
Smiths can give you advice, in what style to execute skameechku, kreslitse or etazherku.
It is difficult enough to find kuznyu which will agree to execute the small order - on pair chairs and a little table. It is more favourable to them to undertake wholesale work. Fences there or ladders in private residences.
In the summer kuzni are overtasked. It is better to do orders more close by the winter. Some smiths the expensive appreciate the work.
Kovanaya the furniture of factory manufacture which is presented in the majority of shops, was produced at all on the Russian anvils. Bring it from China, Turkey and Taiwan even if it is written on a masterpiece " Made in Italy " more often.
Rather inexpensive. Costs as much, how many in very democratic workshop. From 100 dollars for a usual chair without special ornaments.
Often a little "kondovaya", simply. But there are interesting combinations to other materials: rotangom, the most unusual glass, various setochkami and t. Item In a private(an individual) workshop such hardly you will order.
Quality of furniture leaves much to be desired. To place it on a verandah or in sadike still it is possible, and here before putting such in an apartment, it is necessary to think properly. And to try on.
Design offices suggest to choose the forged furniture of foreign manufacture under catalogues. Such furniture flies in kopeechku - foreign iron costs in two-rub times more dearly domestic. And to the same Italian masters frequently there are claims. They deliver not absolutely that is drawn on a picture.
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