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, 22.09.2013
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Exhibition of furniture and pictures Lotty Svenson.

The museum of foreign art together with embassy of Sweden opens an exhibition of Swedish artist Lotty Svenson « the Stream. Lotta S.Kartiny and furniture ».
The artist, the nice woman, simultaneously both the designer of furniture, and the artist. It was trained in skill in the USA and in native Sweden. But it began to take a great interest in painting after death of the husband, trying to find a way out hurt also to suffering. Looking at its art, especially involves furniture. It is to true exclusive subjects - lockers, little tables and screens.
The truth spoils impression thoughtful kontseptualnost each subject, underlined by the name a little. If « the House with ghosts » doubts does not cause (a six-coal locker from the cherry tree processed by linen oil and travlennogo some glass, and figure - nice prividenitsa) the case "Madonna" is already search. Though itself shkafik it is very nice - yashchichki simulate the form of a cross, and on their forward walls - the ceramic inserts representing something religious.
There is a round coffee little table from an oak with a window poseredke. Under which - capacity for bottles with traditional "captain's" drinks. Refers to " Ahoj! ". The attention of visitors can involve and other furniture rather refined.
In the homeland Lotta has opened firm which lets out furniture similar to that , that at an exhibition, and is engaged in dressing of premises.
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