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, 22.09.2013
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In the Eagle manufacture of mattresses will open.

Cherepovets. Open Company " þß»º-¼¬Ó " - branch of the Cherepovets steel-rolling factory entering into group " Severstal-hardware " opens in on the basis of Open Society " " branch on manufacture of spring blocks for upholstered furniture and mattresses.
The decision on the organization of branch of Open Company " þß»º-¼¬Ó " in the Eagle was accepted in the beginning of 2005. In July at the Oryol factory the equipment has been established, starting-up and adjustment works are lead. In parallel with receipt of the equipment, preparation of floor spaces, a binding of the equipment to electrosupply and highways of compressed air have been lead.
The steel wire made at the Oryol steel-rolling factory will be applied to manufacture of spring blocks.
The basic buyer of the spring blocks which are let out(are released) in the Oryol branch of Open Company « CHSPZ MKR », become manufacturers of furniture of the Central region.
« Creation of branch in the Eagle will allow to strengthen existing market positions and as to expand existing commodity markets of our production and to raise competitiveness, to provide an output on the export market. In the nearest plans the further development of manufacture and expansion of assortment of made production », - director of Open Company " þß»º-¼¬Ó " Alexander Galashin has told about opening branch.
The joint venture of Open Society " " and Czech firm MKR lmex Open Company " þß»º-¼¬Ó " is based in 1997. Lets out spring blocks for upholstered furniture and mattresses. During the existence has adjusted manufacture more than 500 kinds of production.

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