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, 22.09.2013
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Furniture the most demanded in Russia.

In opinion of experts of the company " about-¿¡óÑßÔ Consulting " which have carried out own research of furniture branch of Russia for the period with 1998 for 2003, the most competitive segment of the furniture market of Russia is office furniture.
Key sections of the furniture market of Russia - case, soft, kitchen and office furniture were investigated, the basic tendencies which are taking place in the Russian furniture industry for last 5 years are revealed, forecasts for 2004-2006 are made.
By results of research, with 1999 for 2003 the furniture branch increased on the average for 17 % a year. The cores faktoy, influencing fast growth of the furniture industry in Russia: prompt growth of consumption of furniture and increase in its importance in the general basket of consumption of the goods of long demand; filling of a home market by qualitative raw material and resources; the favorable policy of the government directed on restriction of cheap import. It is supposed, that within the next 3th years rate of growth of volumes of manufacture of furniture will be kept at a level of 20 %.
The most competitive, in opinion of authors of the report, segments of kitchen and office furniture where the basic suppliers supervise over half of market are. In a segment of office furniture on a share of 6 key participants 80 % of the market are necessary, and 24 % from them are borrowed with Company " " (further with greater otryvom "Shatura", "Solo", "YUniteks" in decreasing order follow, "Opposition" and "Kraft").
To take the main positions in strongly concentrated market to the leader consecutive development of a retail network on a background of expansion of own capacities enables. The company of one of the first, among domestic manufacturers of furniture, has started to use the scheme franchajzinga for construction of a trading network. Now "Felix" starts release of plywood and saw-timbers , actively expands manufacture of office and hotel furniture , develops a warehouse infrastructure and system of logistics. Efficiency of the chosen commercial strategy confirms a successful output on the foreign market.
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